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From Sweat Lodges to Home Saunas: Heat Therapy Around The World
Taking your first step into a heat-filled room instantly starts working its magic. Your mind starts to wander and your muscles relax.
The History & Ownership of Sundance Spas
Investindustrial, a European Investment Group are the owners of Sundance Spas & many other hot tub companies. take a look at the history of Sundance Spas.
Enjoy your Sundance Hot Tub In The Rain
You can enjoy your Sundance Spa in any weather, even when it is raining!. Here are some tips on enjoying a wet-weather soak!
Hot Tub Of The Month - The 880 Series Capri
Our Hot Tub Of The Month is the 2-3 person Capri. Get all of the features of our high end hot tubs in a space saving compact spa!
Happy New Year from The Sundance Spa Store
Happy New Year from The Sundance Spa Store. Make a New Year's Resolution to look after yourself better & relax more often in your Sundance Hot Tub!
Merry Christmas From The Sundance Spa Store
It really is a magical season, and a Hot Tub from The Sundance Spa Store can help you create memories that will last a lifetime!
Sauna of the Month: Finnleo InfraSauna 2-in-1 Combination - Traditional & Infrared (Hybrid)
Regardless how you are feeling on any given day, Finnleo's hybrid InfraSaunas are sure to improve your day!
De-Stress over the Holidays with a Sundance Spa
The Holiday Season is wonderful, but can also be stressful. Find out how to beat the stress with a Sundance Hot Tub.
Winter Hot Tub Care
The cold winter weather makes for great Hot Tubbing! Here are some tips for keeping your hot tub in great shape through the winter months.
Black Friday Sale On Now!
This year we have started our Black Friday Sale early, so you can beat the rush and save thousands on a Sundance Spas hot tub or Finnleo Sauna!