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ClearRay® Water Purification System

Sundance® Spas exclusive CLEARRAY® Water Purification System alongside the exclusive MicroClean® filtration system featured on 980™, 880™, 780™ & 680™ Series Sundance® hot tubs towers above all other hot tub water treatment systems for ensuring pure, clean, clear water with low maintenance and decreased chemical usage. Sundance Spas CLEARRAY® UV-C Technology ensures no damaging off gas or by-product is produced or created, no constant chemical creation and/or injection, no smells or odors, and no damaging effects to the vital hot tub equipment. CLEARRAY® UV-C Technology treats water with the power of nature-inspired UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens, resulting in clean, fresh water. Treats 99.9% of waterborne pathogens, factory-installed exclusive UV-C Technology, and easy care and maintenance with annual bulb replacement.

What Is UV-C Light?

  • A natural part of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy generated by the sun
  • Effectively interacts with the DNA of bacteria and viruses, destroying their ability to reproduce
  • Is a natural process that adds no by-product to your water

The MicroClean® & MicroClean® Ultra hot tub filters utilize technology similar to that used in home drinking water filters.

Sundance® Spas use FDA-Compliant and NSF Approved Filters

The MicroClean® hot tub filter cartridge is the first FDA-compliant and NSF-certified filter within the hot tub industry.

Sundance Spas was the first and only spa/hot tub manufacturer to receive an award from the Water Quality Association for spa/hot tub water filtration.


Microclean® Ultra Filtration (880™ & 980™ Series)

  • The 2 pieces interlocking system has an advanced dual-stage filtration that is the ultimate in hot tub water treatment.
  • The pleated outer filter is washable and provides preliminary filtration that captures larger particles
  • Disposable Inner Core is made from 100% high-spun polypropylene fiber to trap small particles
  • Designed to remove oils and lotions from spa water
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Dynamic Flow™ Circulation Pump

The Dynamic Flow™ Circulation Pump enables the filtering of seven times more water per minute than a typical circulation pump found in ordinary hot tubs – Processing up to 96,000 gallons of water per day but still maintaining excellent energy efficiency.

  • Works with the MicroClean® and CLEARRAY™ Water Purification System to optimize filtration
  • Water is drawn over the 20″ wide Slipstream™ skimmer to eliminate impurities and debris from the water

Microclean® Filtration (780 Series)

  • Filters thoroughly from two directions through pleated and microfiber materials
  • Disposable Microfiber cartridge captures ultra-fine particles and reduces maintenance
  • Washable Pleated cartridge captures larger particles and is designed to last longer

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