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Contemporary, Coordinating Looks in an Array of Beautiful Shades

Choose from rich acrylic hot tub colours and textures with coordinating synthetic cabinet finishes to create the perfect combination for your backyard project. Whether you’re charmed by soothing shades or bold hues, selecting the perfect colour combination starts with a pleasing palette that blends seamlessly with your backyard decor.

Rigid Bond™ process

Each hot tub shell is vacuum moulded of high-quality, long-lasting acrylic in our Rigid Bond™ process, which gives each hot tub shell unrivalled durability and heat retention properties to ensure maximum energy efficiency. SunStrong™ hot tub cabinetry is made of sturdy, UV-resistant material in colours that go perfectly with the matching synthetic accessories. Sundance® hot tubs make it easy to match your personal style and setting. Choose from five acrylic shell colours – porcelain, celestite, platinum, Monaco and midnight

Choose from ten different exterior cabinet colours in four different styles:

  • 980 Series Exclusive – Patterned synthetic cabinetry colours of Coastal Grey or Mahogany
  • 880 Sunside Series – Textured synthetic cabinetry colours of Vintage Oak, Modern Hardwood or Brushed Grey
  • 780 Sunstrong Series – Vertical style synthetic cabinetry colours of Autumn Walnut, Coastal Grey or Mahogany.
  • 680 Series Exclusive – Patterned synthetic cabinetry colours of Slate or Graphite.

Choose from three different cover colours – grey, sienna and black.

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