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It All Starts With Filtration

Your filters are working all the time to keep your hot tub water free of debris, lotions, oils, products from our bodies and anything we introduce to the hot tubs water. Our patented MicroClean filtration system in our Sundance® hot tub not only helps to ensure clean, sparkling water, it also equals less maintenance.

The filter on a hot tub is very important and can be often overlooked because of colored lights, sleek hot tub cabinets, modern controls or water features/waterfalls. Please keep in mind lights, cabinets, water features/waterfalls are all nice to look at, but if your hot tub water is smelly, cloudy, dirty, foamy or sudsy you won’t be able to enjoy those aesthetic features anyways.

When your looking for or at a hot tub and the filter is not shown or discussed than most likely it is just a traditional paper pleated filter used on most hot tubs in the industry today. Our patented MicroClean  system raises the bar on traditional filtration through the efficient combination of highly effective filtering, water circulation and water-skimming processes, a unique horizontal filter orientation for broader coverage, and a circulation pump that filters seven times more water per minute than typical spas & hot tubs.

Sundance® Spas sets the standard for robust, efficient water filtration—and that means you can spend less time maintaining your spa. Whichever Sundance® model you choose, you can rest assured you’re getting the best in hot tub filtration systems.

Clean, Clear Water

Your filters are the first and most important measure of protection for your Hot Tub. Without them, you won’t be able to maintain clean water or hygienic conditions to soak in.

The Sundance MicroClean Water Management System, combined with the ClearRay Water Purification System, combined with the Dynamic Flow Circulation Pump provides you with Clean, Clear, Safe water in your Sundance Spa. Your hot tub will always be ready to use whenever you want and ensures you get to spend more of your time doing what matters to you, and less time cleaning and maintaining your hot tub!

For more information or a demonstration of the MicroClean / ClearRay Systems, drop in to any one of our six locations. We would love to show you them in action!