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Add Visual Cues That Autumn’s Here

The power of pillows. Outdoor pillows are an easy way to update your décor for fall without blowing your budget. Mix and match colors, textures and patterns for more impact. Layer a Red Pear velvet pillow and a Russet Orange plaid pillow with a simple Nebulas Blue pillow to add layers.

Seasonally-savvy pro-tip: Try these autumn-inspired pillow combinations. {note for designer: please choose four combos based on what you can find in stock photography and feature similar to this in different fabrics and patterns, including velvet, plaid, crochet, fur, flannels, etc.}

  • Gold, plum and blue
  • Burgundy, navy and taupe
  • Blush, grey and white
  • Navy, peach and olive
  • Orange, navy and beige
hello fall image

Hand-crafted elements. Adding hand-crafted pieces will add a warm and rustic touch to any backyard. Fill farmhouse-style wood boxes with fall foliage. Add small gourds and leaf-filled branches to galvanized buckets for a touch of autumn whimsy and a dash of color. And wall windmills, wooden wheel barrels, and a wood-framed chalkboard adorned with your favorite fall sayings pair perfectly with the season.

Highlight fall hues. Mother nature puts on a show of color during crisp autumn months, and so should your outdoor space. Add powerful color elements to your existing décor, from shimmering mercury glass centerpieces to cascading outdoor curtains in plum purple. You can also give an old outdoor chair a makeover with sand paper a can of red matte spray paint that will add a fun focal point to your backyard.

Make Your Garden Fall-Friendly

Layer greenery. Layering greenery allows you to add different hues, textures, and colors to your landscape. You can plan ahead for the next season, too, by weaving in annuals. Plant flowering kale in fall, ultra violet purple pansies in the winter, hydrangeas in the fall, and Black-eyed Susan in the summer for a fruitful backyard all year long.

Plant for a quick turnaround. When you’ve waited until the end of summer to sow your garden, plant vegetables that have a short grow time to get you from garden to table in no time. Beets, radishes, carrots, arugula, and cauliflower bloom in 40 days or less, providing a bountiful harvest in time for fall while also prolonging your garden’s green time.

Discover fuss-free succulents. If the upkeep of a summer garden has you hankering for something more low-maintenance in autumn, then succulents are the foliage for you. They don’t require much water or care and come in a variety of hues like dark red and deep orange. Succulents also double as décor when you place atop pumpkins or mix with cornucopia centerpieces for a color pop.

Welcome Fall Out Front

Don’t limit your outdoor décor to your backyard; add curb appeal and a taste of autumn to your front porch. While you know that pumpkins are synonymous with autumn, reach for gourds in more neutral hues for your front porch. Add a colorful flannel throw on a rocking chair so you can rest tired feet while you greet neighbors. Looking to give your front door a refresh? Consider a golden yellow coat and a burlap and colorful leaf wreath to welcome guests – and autumn.

Remember when you update décor for fall outdoor living, small changes can make a big impact. Embrace the cooler weather before rain, snow, and another season take its place; your autumn paradise will soon be transformed into a winter wonderland before you know it.