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As you are away enjoying the sun, the last thing you need to be doing is worrying about your hot tub back home, so we have some guidelines for you to ensure your spa is safe and sound while you are away.

If you’re planning on heading off for a winter getaway, the checklist for your Sundance hot tub might just be the easiest part of getting ready to go! Following the steps below will ensure that your hot tub water and equipment stays healthy and balanced, and ready for when you return.

Before You Leave

  • Check your water level. The water level of your hot tub should be just above the highest jet in the hot tub. If it is looking a little low, add some water to make sure it doesn’t drop below the level of the filter weir while you are away.
  • Check your water is balanced. Use a test strip to ensure Alkalinity & pH levels are where they should be. 
  • Add 2 caps (60g) of Sun-Boom. This will deal with any bacteria in the water, and leave a residual amount of sanitizer in the water while you are away.
  • Leave your hot tub cover open for an hour. An extended period of time with the cover open will allow fresh air to get to the water, so you are leaving the water in the freshest state possible. 
  • Check your filters. It’s a good idea clean or replace your filters before you leave as this will help keep your water clean and clear, and will reduce the likelihood of “Open Flow Switch” or “Flo” errors occurring which cause your temperature to drop as the heater is deactivated. 
  • Keep your temperature High. There is no real benefit to lowering your hot tub water temperature while you are away. By maintaining your regular temperature you ensure your filtration cycles remain the same, which will help keep your water clean.
  • Check your cover is in good condition. Check your cover is not ripped or torn and is not absorbing a lot of water or allowing heat to escape. Make sure your cover is locked before you leave to prevent people from entering your hot tub while you are away. A Cover Cap can be added over the top of your regular hot tub cover to provide additional protection from the elements.
  • Ask Someone to Check Your Spa. If you are gone for an extended break, ask a friend, family member or neigbour to check your hot tub periodically for you. This is certainly recommended if there has been a bad storm in your area and there is a strong possibility that the hot tub has lost power at some point.

When You Get Home

  • Check your water level. If evaporation has occurred and the water level has dropped, add some fresh water to top the level off.
  • Check your water is balanced. Even though nobody has been using the spa, the balance of the water could have changed while you are away.
  • Add sanitizer to the water. The Sun-Boom that you put in before you left will have been used up by the time you return. Add 1 Cap (30g) of Sun-Boom to get some sanitizer in your water. If the water is cloudy/foamy a few hours after you add the Sun-Boom, you should add 100g (4 Caps) of Chlorine Free Spa Shock to help clear it up.
  • Leave your cover open. Being as your spa, whirlpool or hot tub cover hasn’t been opened at all during your time away, it is a good idea to leave it open for an extended period to get some fresh air to the water so it can “breathe”.
  • Check your filters. Depending on what was left in the hot tub water when you left, your filters may have been working extra hard. Give them a rinse out or replace them if necessary.
  • Add Spa Shock after 1st use. Once your hot tub water is balanced and properly sanitized, it is ready for you to use! Adding 100g (4 caps) of Chlorine Free Spa Shock after you get out will help keep the water clean and clear.


If you are going away for a long period of time, it might be wise to have us come out and winterize your hot tub for you.

Our Winterization Service protects your investment during the harsh winter months and gives you peace of mind, knowing that when you return home and want to start using your Sundance hot tub again, all you have to do is add water and turn the breaker on and you are good to go!

For more information on our Winterization Service, Please contact your nearest store.


Worried about leaving your hot tub? Check out Sundance Spas exclusive SmartTub Cellular Control System!

SmartTub is engineered to maximize your relaxation, recovery and performance potential. Controlled from an app on your smartphone, you can enjoy the next generation of spa ownership, making it easier than ever to use and maintain your Sundance hot tub.

This exclusive technology enables you to receive notifications from your spa while you are sat on the beach, secure in the knowledge that your local Sundance dealership  has also been notified of the error. Once we have received the error notification, we will start to diagnose the problem and have one of our Sundance trained technicians go out and fix the issue for you, so that your hot tub is 100% operational when you get back from your trip.

The SmartTub Cellular Control System is a standard feature on the 980 Series, and is an optional accessory on all 680, 780 & 880 models. SmartTub can be factory installed on any new Sundance Spa, and is available as an after market add on for any 2018 Sundance model. Come in and see us for more details!