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Regular Maintenance

Over the winter months, you should go out at least once a week to check on your hot tub and use a test strip to sanitize and balance the water.

Even if you do not need to add any chemicals, you should leave the cover open for at least 20 minutes to allow the water to breathe and to prevent the build up of chemical odor.

Water Temperature

It is advisable to keep your spa water at a warm temperature so that you can enjoy your hot tub whenever you feel like using it. It is more energy efficient to keep your spa at your preferred temperature than it is to constantly lower it and try to bring it back up again.

Another advantage to keeping the temperature high is that if there is a power outage or a mechanical issue, the high temperature will reduce the risk of freezing.

Filter Care

You should check on the condition of your filters and wash or replace them as required. Clean filters will help prevent “Open Flow Switch” or “FLO” errors that can cause your spas heater to disengage.

It is also recommended that you check your spas filter settings to keep water moving through the system as much as possible.

Your primary filter setting should be set for a minimum of 8 hours a day. Spas with circulation pumps should be set for between 12-24 hours a day.

This will keep your water clean and ready to use, and will also keep the water moving in the event of an issue with the spa heater.

For more information on Heat & Filter Settings, click here.

Cover Care

Your hot tub cover plays a vital role in keeping your spa safe and clean and helps prevent water and heat loss.

check that your spa cover is securely in place and that it is properly strapped down.

After significant snowfall, you should remove snow from your cover with a broom or snowblower.

Do not use a shovel to remove snow from your cover as you could cause rips and tears that will impact the look and performance of your cover.

For more information on Cover Care, click here.

Power Outages

After a power outage, you should head outside and check there is power going to the hot tub.

You will need to go out and re-set your hot tub’s breaker to ensure your spa begins to heat back up again, it will not just turn back on automatically once power is restored.

If you are going away for a Winter vacation, it would be beneficial to ask a friend or neigbour to check on your spa periodically while you are away.

Space Heaters

A small space heater and an outdoor extension cord are worthwhile investments that can help prevent your hot tub from freezing if it is without power for an extended period of time. 

If required, you should place your space heater inside your spas equipment area to prevent the pumps, heater and equipment area plumbing from freezing.

Your heater should be placed on top of a brick or a stone (not a piece of wood) rather than sitting directly on the floor of the spa just in case their is any moisture present.

The space heater should be run on a low heat setting (not medium or high) and should be positioned so that it is blowing toward empty space, so that it is not directly facing plumbing, wiring or insulation.

Once the space heater is in position, re-fasten your cabinet but leave the bottom corner unattached so you don’t damage the extension cord.

If you have any questions or concerns about your spa, please contact our Service Department directly. You can call them at 905-324-8080 or click here to send in a service request.