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Have you ever been in a hot tub with an improper chemical balance? It probably wasn’t enjoyable. There is now a way to enjoy your Sundance hot tub with hardly any chemicals at all. It was developed to keep your spa cleaner than ever without the use of an abundance of chemicals.

A Unique & Natural System

Using simply oxygen and light, this system is as simple as O3 + UV – C = CLEARRAY OXYGEN Active Oxygen System. The Clearray Active oxygen System™ is available on all acrylic Sundance Spas.

ProTect Automatic Oxidizer

Our patented low-output ProTect Ozone system pumps O3 into the spa water where our plumbing system balances the mixing of the O3 to ensure the oxidizing of contaminants.

This oxidizing process creates hydroxyl radicals and is extremely effective at combatting organic contaminants.

ClearRay UV-C Water Purification

The now ozonated water passes by the ClearRay UV – C Light and 99.9% of waterborne pathogens are dealt with. This is done through the diffusion of the ultra violet light which alters the DNA of bacteria making them unable to reproduce in the water.

Active Oxygen

It is the combination of these two tools that creates the perfect environment and reduces the usage of chemical sanitizer. Advanced Oxidation occurs through this interaction of ozone and UV – C light, active oxygen is released, cleaning the water and reducing dependency on spa chemicals.


This system saves you time, reduces the potential for skin irritants from no harmful bi- products or contaminants and gives you the peace of mind knowing that the active oxygen will keep your spa water cleaner, longer.

You don’t need to be a chemist to enjoy the comfort and relaxation that this system provides.

Take preventative measures to better enjoy your spa, with a natural system that best lets you relax mentally and physically.

Find out more about ClearRay Active Oxygen by contacting your local store (Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville, St. Catharines & Vaughan).