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Sundance Spas have reimagined their all-time best selling spas with even more amazing features and an ideal hydrotherapy experience. The result: A completely new best-of-everything family gathering place.

This blog will highlight the exciting new upgrades to the 880 Series for 2024.

Percussive Therapy Jets

Sundance Spas is excited to introduce a new form of hot tub hydrotherapy jet which are a genuine game changer!

The brand new Fluidix Percussive Therapy (PT) Jet stimulates back-and-forth “punches” of air and water that mimic the action of a massage gun. This new jet technology rapidly alternates powerful percussive streams of water to give an invigorating deep-tissue massage to relieve muscle tension.

PT Jets are designed to give a fully customizable massage experience unlike any other hot tub jet in the industry. You can easily rotate the jet face a full 360 degrees to pinpoint specific muscles in the back for a completely personalized massage.

All 880 models come equipped with the PT Jets so you can get this remarkable experience in the 2 person Capri all the way up to the 8 person Aspen.

SunSide Cabinetry

2024 880 Series spas come wrapped in the new SunSide Synthetic Cabinets. This industry-leading cabinetry is UV-resistant and is both durable and easy to look after.

When it comes time to drain and clean your spa or inspect the various parts of your system, access shouldn’t be a challenge and should be as effortless as possible. One of the ways Sundance Spas has transformed the maintenance routine for their hot tubs is by designing an easy-access control panel. Now instead of reaching for your tools to unscrew a panel from your spa, you can simply unclip the panels for super easy access.

In addition to this improved functionality, the new SunSide cabinets are visually stunning and will add a real WOW factor to your backyard! Available in three on-trend colours, SunSide cabinets also seamlessly integrates exterior lighting around all 4 sides of the spa to create the perfect mood.

Flint Grey




Windy Oak

SunStrong Frame

All 2024 880 Series Spas are constructed with the all-new SunStrong frame. This galvanized steel frame offers the security of enduring strength, quality and performance.

Sundance Spas is an environmentally conscious company whose spas are built in the most eco-friendly hot tub manufacturing plant in the world. Sundance is committed to sustainability and using recycled materials whenever possible. The new SunStrong frame is not only durable, it  is 100% recyclable!

MicroUltra II Filtration

Get crystal clear water with our distinctive MicroClean Ultra II Filtration System.  This unique 2-part filtration system combines pleated and spun fibres to deliver an impressive 130 square feet of filtration. The inner core filter is designed to remove oils, lotions, sunscreen and really tiny particulates that a standard pleated filter cannot deal with. MicroClean ultra works hard at maintaining clear water so you don’t have to!

Entertainment Package

Set the mood with music from the new stereo system. Two premium 5″ speakers and one 8″ subwoofer provide superior sound quality so you can enjoy your favourite playlist in the relaxing comfort of your 880 spa.

Also included as part of the optional entertainment package is an integrated wireless inductive phone charger, so your phone can power up while you wind down.

880 iTouch Interface LCD Control

This newly designed control panel is conveniently located and super easy to use. The touchscreen system gives you total spa control – water circulation, hydrotherapy, filtration, purification, temperature and lights are all easily adjustable with this smartphone like touchscreen control panel.

From your control panel, you can also manage notifications and set reminders for water changes, filter maintenance and annual ClearRay bulb replacement.

The iTouch system is fully compatible with the optional SunSmart Cellular control System which gives you the ability to monitor and control your spa from anywhere in the world. For more on SmartTub, click here.

2024 880 Series spas are now available to order. For more information on these spas and the new upgrades, please visit one of our 6 locations (Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville, St. Catharines & Vaughan) and our team will be glad to help you out!