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About the Aspen®

Super Summer Sale: $26,999 or $366 Monthly O.A.C.

MSRP: $34,600

Includes: Electrical Package, Cover Lifter, Step, Premium SunStrong Cover & More!

The mighty Aspen™ lives up to the 880™ Series’ reputation for being the most luxurious portable hot tub in the world. Big enough to seat up to 8 people comfortably, The Aspen is designed to bring you the best of personal hydrotherapy, relaxation, and backyard entertainment.

The Aspen™ is loaded with features that will give you the ultimate hot tub experience, such as a reflexology foot dome with eight massaging patented Accu-Pressure™ jets, a wide-sheet AquaTerrace waterfall backlit with SunGlow ™ LED lighting, elegant LED multicolored lighting, patented Fluidix Jets with no moving parts and an illuminated grab bar for safe and easy entry and exit.

An 880 series exclusive bench seat provides a unique side-by-side massage experience with the patented Vortex Jets, which use a unique rifling action to provide a swirling, Swedish-style massage that is beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood to decrease muscle toxins, improve circulation and ease tension.

This huge hot tub features 66 jets with 9 massage varieties, plus 14 air injectors with built-in SunScents aromatherapy.

The immense Aspen features 2 seats equipped with calf jets, wrist jets, patented neck jets, and hip jets for a full body massage experience.

All 4 corner therapy seats feature the 880 series exclusive Fluidix Nex Jets. This revolutionary, patented neck jet is designed to provide maximum comfort. Built without bearings or any other moving parts for reliability and longevity, the patented Fluidix Nex Jets are fully adjustable to offer both high-and-low impact neck massage with a relaxing pulsation that is far more comfortable than just a straight stream.

To keep maintenance to a minimum, the Aspen is equipped with The ClearRay Active Oxygen Water Purification System as standard. ClearRay works together with the dual-stage MicroClean Ultra II filtration system, SlipStream skimmer weir, and silent dynamic flow circulation pump to keep your water crystal clear all the time.

The optional SmartTub, exclusive Fluidix Intelli-Jet therapy seat, exclusive Accu-Ssage therapy seat, and SunScents silent air aromatherapy injectors are just a few of the notable standouts that take the Sundance Aspen ™ to a new level of luxury and excellence.


  • Open Seating With Reflexology Floor Dome
  • Full Foam Insulation
  • ClearRay® Active Oxygen Ozone + UV-C Water Purification System
  • Patented MicroClean® Ultra II Filtration System
  • Dynamic Flow™ Circulation Pump
  • Silent Spa™ Filtration
  • SunScents™ Aromatherapy SilentAir Injector Jets
  • New Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Enhanced Multi-Coloured LED Lighting
  • 3 x High Flow 56 Frame TheraMax™ Hydrotherapy Jet Pumps – 5 Pump System In Total
  • Titanium Coil Heater To Increase Energy Efficiency – 5-Year Unconditional Warranty
  • Patented Fluidix™ & Vortex™ Jets – Engineered With No Moving Parts For Reliability & Longevity
  • Back-Lit Multi-Coloured LED Waterfall
  • Accu-Ssage™ Therapy Seat
  • Elevated Cool-Down Seat
  • Premium Illuminated Accents
  • Illuminated Grab Bar
  • Fluidix Percussive Therapy Jet
  • Synthetic Base Sealed Base/Bottom
  • Rigid Bond™ Shell Construction – 5 Colour Options
  • SunSide™ Synthetic Maintenance Free Cabinet With Exterior Lighting – 3 Colour Options
  • 5 Year Jet Warranty
  • 5 Year Cabinet Warranty
  • 5 Year Plumbing Warranty
  • 5 Year Equipment & Controls Warranty
  • 7-Year Shell Surface Warranty
  • 10-Year Shell Structure Warranty
  • Optional Entertainment Package with Stereo & Wireless Charger
  • Optional SmartTub™ Cellular Control System
  • Optional EcoWrap®


Seats7 - 8
Dimensions7’5″ x 9’2″ x 40″ (226 cm x 280 cm x 102 cm)
Spa Volume505 US Gal (1,912 liters)
Total Jets66 Patented Jets (9 Varieties) + 6 Air Injector Jets

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