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7 Reasons why the Optima is the best selling Hot Tub in the World

The Sundance 880 Series Optima is the best selling hot tub model in the world, and it has not achieved that status just by chance. A combination of factors make the Optima so popular - It is loaded with outstanding features, has a proven track record of excellent performance and provides incredible value for the money.

Here are 7 Reasons why the Optima outsells all other hot tub models from any hot tub manufacturer in the world, and why it would make a brilliant addition to your backyard!

1. Style

There are plenty of spas on the market that look similar to the Sundance Optima, but few have the Optima’s sophistication, cutting edge technology and elegance.

The fully adjustable AquaTerrace™ water feature and multicolor SunGlow™ lighting system let you select the water stream’s intensity and colored backlighting with either a single colour setting or a variable speed rotation through the colour spectrum.

To enhance the mood while you are enjoying the spa, there are Multi-Coloured LED Lights situated throughout both the interior and exterior of the hot tub. Illuminated grab bars make it safe and easy to enter and exit your spa, and illuminated air and diverter controls add a touch of elegance.

The Optima is available in 10 different interior colours, with 4 different colours of our SunStrong™ Synthetic Maintenance Free Cabinets, so you can mix and match to create the perfect look for your backyard.

2. Comfort

Ergonomically designed seating allows you to stay in place while the Patented Fluidix Jets massage your achy joints and sore muscles. By minimizing flotation you sit more comfortably in your seat, and can therefore stay in your hot tub for a longer time and maximize your hydrotherapeutic massage.

The Sundance Optima™ also boasts a large and spacious foot well. People don’t typically consider the foot well until they have their first party and realize that the spa may have six or seven seats but only enough room in the foot well for two people!

At the centre of the footwell, the reflexology dome provides a fantastic foot massage by using the patented Sundance Focus Relief Jets. These jets are recessed in the floor dome for everyone to enjoy and get some great foot therapy, no matter what seat you are sitting in.

Sundance Spas customer favorite Accu-Ssage™ Therapy Seat can be found in all 880 & 980 series Sundance hot tubs, including the Optima & Cameo (same size as the Optima but with a full body lounger). 

The highlight and center of the ergonomically designed Accu-Ssage therapy seat is The Fluidix ST Jet. These exclusive jets can be adjusted from a soothing pulse to a straight stream. This focused, deep-tissue jet stream is also adjustable for intensity and pressure to provide the ultimate in hydrotherapy and comfort.

3. Quality

All Sundance Spas are built to the same high quality. Every hot tub Sundance builds, including our Select, 680, 780, 880 & 980 spas are built to last, and must pass rigorous testing before they are approved for delivery.

Built at Sundance Spas state of the art manufacturing plant, each Sundance hot tub produced has to go through over 200 quality checkpoints before it is cleared for shipping

The synthetic base and fully sealed bottom prevent moisture, mildew, rot and decay due to the forces of nature, and keep rodents and critters out of the equipment area - a feature that will ensure hassle free ownership for years to come,

With quality features such as the Sentry Smart Heater (made with Titanium versus the industry standard Stainless Steel), I-Touch Control Panel, The Dynamic Flow Circulation Pump (filters 7 x more water per-day than an industry standard circ pump) and jets built with no moving parts to ensure longevity, The Optima provides the sort of quality other manufacturer's can only dream of.

4. Energy Efficiency

Sundance Spas is an environmentally conscious company whose Hot Tubs are built in the eco-friendliest Hot Tub manufacturing plant in the world, with a commitment to sustainability and using recycled materials when possible. All Sundance Hot Tubs meet or exceed CEC (California Energy Commission) requirements, which are the gold standard for energy efficiency in Hot Tubs.

Full-foam insulation and the patented 3-layer Rigid Bond Shell keep operating costs low and the water warm. The most reliable spa shell in the industry, the three-layer process makes our shell eight times stronger than the average hot tub shell.

Sundance Spas Sentry Smart Heaters are made with a titanium coil that directly heats the water, significantly increasing thermal efficiency and reducing running costs. The titanium coil also protects the heater from corrosion and reduces the possibility of malfunction. The Sentry Smart heater is backed by an unconditional 5-year parts & labor warranty on all 880 & 980 Sundance Spas.

After construction is complete, all Sundance Hot Tubs are filled and run in the Sundance Hot Tubs Energy Efficiency Chamber, which is CEC Certified and routinely calibrated and verified by an independent third party. This chamber gives Sundance the ability to alter the ambient temperature to ensure that all Sundance Hot Tubs are energy efficient in many outdoor environments. Before they are released for shipping, all Sundance Hot Tubs are run at -40 Degrees to ensure they are able to handle anything a harsh Canadian winter can throw at it. 

For more details on our Energy Efficiency, Click Here.

5. Easy Maintenance

So many hot tubs, whirlpools, jacuzzi's & spas out there require so much maintenance that it can put people off of owning one - no one wants to spend more time working on something than they do on actually enjoying it!

At The Sundance Spa Store, we think owning a hot tub should add to the quality of your life, without requiring a ton of work and a degree in chemistry to keep your hot tub water clean and clear.

The Optima's water management system consists of the Dynamic Flow Circulation Pump, MicroClean Ultra Filtration, SlipStream Skimmer, SunPurity Mineral and ClearRay UV-C Water Purification. This system  works together to remove the smallest particles in the water to keep the water crystal clear, and easier to manage using fewer maintenance products.

For more information on ClearRay Click Here.

For more information on MicroClean Filtration Click Here.

6. Patented Hydrotherapy

The Fluidix Jet Technology in an Optima offers a wide variety of massages, including Shiatsu, Swedish and deep tissue sports massage. All of the different massages are possible with the use of Fluidix jets, which have no moving parts (no spinners, flywheels or bearings). This lack of moving parts means there is nothing to wear out or break down over time, so you know that every time you enter your Sundance Hot Tub you will get a soothing, relaxing and reliable massage.

Fludix jet technology gives you the ability to make adjustments to water flow and pressure without interrupting anyone else in the spa by taking power away. Every seat is easily adjustable for massage style, pressure and air flow.

Our patented hydrotherapy jets are so reliable that we offer a five year warranty on all 880 & 980 Series models! There is no other manufacturer in the industry that comes even close to that kind of backing, which is just another reason why Sundance Spas are the largest hot tub manufacturer in the world, and the Optima is the best selling hot tub out there.

For a breakdown of all the jets featured in the Optima, Click Here.

7. Warranty

The Optima warranty includes 10-year structure, 7-year shell surface, 5-year synthetic cabinet warranty, and 5-year electronics, equipment, plumbing, jets and labour. Sundance warranties are not pro-rated and there is no deductible. This unmatched warranty, teamed with The Sundance Spa Store's award winning service department gives you peace of mind, knowing that your investment is in great hands and will be well looked after for the duration of ownership.

Come In and See It

Visit any of our 5 locations (Burlington, Mississauga, OakvilleSt. Catharines & Vaughan) for more information on the #1 selling hot tub model in the world!

We have a Sundance Spas 880 Series Optima running in every showroom, so you can see this remarkable hot tub in person. We recommend that you put your arms in to the clean, clear water to feel the amazing Fluidix Jets in action (You'll notice how your arm feels soft and relaxed and doesn't have a nasty hot tub chemical smell!).

Some showroom's also have a dry Optima, so you can sit in it without getting wet, just to see how comfortable it is. Come on in anytime, we are always glad to see you!