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Some people grew up with a hot tub in the backyard and have memories of struggling to team lift the heavy spa cover only to be greeted by a nasty waft of harsh chemical odor. Once they were in the hot tub they would sit in the strong smelling water and get red eyes and dry itchy skin before running back into the house to shower off in an attempt to get the foul smell off your skin and out of your hair.

Others have heard people talk about how much time and effort it takes to maintain the wood cabinet, keep critters out of the hot tub, treat the spa cover to stop it from drying out and splitting, constantly wash the filters and scrub the inside of the spa to keep the scum line at bay. It seems like some people end up working on their hot tubs way more than they do soaking in them!

The good news is that Sundance Spas, as a world leader in hot tub design and technology, have made some incredible advances in hot tub maintenance and water care over the years that make the whole process of spa ownership way easier than it has ever been.

Read on to find out just how easy it is to own, maintain and enjoy a Sundance Spa of your own!

Low Maintenance Water Care

Having clean, clear water is vitally important if you want to enjoy using your hot tub. If you lift up the cover and the water is green, cloudy, foamy or smelly, you are not going to enjoy soaking in it.

For some, the idea of keeping a hot tub’s water clean and balanced can conjure up images of a mad scientist, testing the water 3 times a day and pouring in vast amounts of chemicals in the hope of getting the balance just right.

With new advances in hot tub water care innovated by Sundance Spas you can drastically reduce both the amount of chemicals used and the amount of time spent working on your hot tub.

Over the years, there have been a number of systems developed to try and keep hot tub water sanitary. Built-in Brominators, Saltwater systems and high output Ozone systems have all been used in the past to try and help reduce maintenance.

In 2012, Sundance Spas introduced the revolutionary ClearRay UV-C Water Purification System that has made Saltwater systems and high output ozone systems virtually obsolete.

ClearRay Active Oxygen UV-C + Low Output Ozone Water Purification System is installed as standard on all acrylic Sundance Spas. It is not an expensive optional add-on unlike salt systems and high output ozone systems.

With ClearRay, there is no difficult, time consuming set up such as you would find with a Saltwater system. Once your hot tub is powered on, the UV-C light of ClearRay begins instantly dealing with any bacteria that is in the water.

Unlike a high output ozone system, ClearRay produces no by-product at all so there is no gas like smell and no harm that can be done to the hot tub acrylic.

ClearRay makes maintaining your water a breeze with the minimum amount of chemicals and time – You will spend less than 15 minutes a week keeping your water clean, clear and properly balanced!

Low Maintenance Filters

Low Maintenance Filters

Some manufacturers build hot tubs with up to 5 filters for you to look after, and even recommend putting their filters in the dishwasher -eww!

Water filtration is a Sundance Spas specialty, and they have worked hard to design filters that remove debris from your spa efficiently without you having to take them out and wash them every week.

All acrylic Sundance Spas have Dual Stage MicroClean Filtration Systems that combine large pleated filters and disposable, maintenance free Micro Filters.

The large filters are easily cleaned every few months with a hose and will last up to 18 months. The patented micro filters, that remove tiny particles that a regular filter cannot handle, are replaced every 3-12 months depending on which series of Sundance Spa you own.

These low maintenance Micro Filters reduce chemical usage and work together with the ClearRay Active Oxygen System to keep your water sparkling clear.

Low Maintenance Cabinets

For years and years, hot tub cabinets were built with either redwood or cedar. Cabinets made of real wood required a lot of maintenance, as they needed to be stained, sealed or painted regularly to keep them looking nice and to try and delay the rotting process that was inevitable over time.

Back in 2002, Sundance Spas became the first hot tub manufacturer to build their spas with a synthetic cabinet instead of real wood. The SunStrong Synthetic Cabinets on all Sundance Spa models require virtually no maintenance, and can be easily cleaned with a hose if needed.

The use of synthetic cabinets instead of real wood also eliminates a point of entry for rodents and other critters that would often get in to the spa through the damp/rotten wood of the traditional cabinet.

All acrylic Sundance Spas have tool free cabinets so there are no screws to remove to gain access to the equipment area, and have synthetic bases which are impervious to moisture and add another level of protection from rodents and critters.

Smart Bathtub

Low Maintenance Covers

SunStrong All-Weather Fabric Premium Spa Covers are beautiful, energy efficient and easy to maintain.

This durable Marine Grade Material has excellent resistance to water, mold, mildew and UV, so it stays looking new for a lot longer.

Stain resistant and easy to clean, The SunStrong Fabric is stronger than regular Vinyl and more resistant to tearing, cracking or fading.

The Sundance SunStrong Covers weigh 25% less than regular vinyl covers of the same size, which makes them easier to use without losing energy efficiency, durability or safety.

The days of having to lift soaking wet, super heavy battered looking spa covers are long gone. SunStrong covers protect your investment are reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep your spa looking great.

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