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Sundance Spas MicroClean Water Management System

Last weeks blog focussed on Sundance Spas ClearRay Water Purification System. This week, we will look at the MicroClean Filtration System on 780, Select & 880 Series Sundance Hot Tubs. The MicroClean System works together with the ClearRay System to ensure pure, clean hot tub water with low maintenance and reduced chemical usage.

There are two different types of MicroClean Filtration depending on the series of hot tub, but at their core they rely on two features included on all 780, Select & 880 Series Sundance Hot Tubs.

Slipstream Skimmer

Sundance Hot Tubs 20” Floating Slipstream Skimmer effectively removes surface debris, by drawing water from a much larger area than traditional hot tub filter systems. This wide filtration area means that impurities and debris such as oils and lotions are being removed from the surface area of the water far more quickly than a traditional hot tub filter. This means oils, lotions and organic products don’t have time to stick to the hot tubs surface and form an ugly “bath tub ring” on your spa, give an oil-slick appearance to the waters surface or cause high amounts of foam.

The floating slipstream skimmer lowers to increase flow over the filters when the hot tubs jets are in use and provides greater access to the MicroClean Filtration System for maximum filtration performance.


Dynamic Flow Circulation Pump

Also essential to the amazing performance of Sundance Hot Tubs MicroClean Filtration System is the Dynamic Flow Circulation Pump. This energy efficient pump (3/4hp / ½ amp) filters up to 7 times more water than standard circulation pumps, meaning that every drop of water in the hot tub is filtered up to 104 times per day.

Over 50,000 gallons of water per day can be moved through the quiet, reliable Dynamic Flow Circulation Pump to keep your hot tubs water consistently clean and clear without fear of huge hydro bills!

The Dynamic Flow Circulation Pump works together with the MicroClean Filters and CLEARRAY™ Water Purification System to optimize filtration and minimize energy consumption and maintenance.

MicroClean Filtration

Select & 780 Series Sundance Hot Tubs are equipped with MicroClean1 Filtration Systems. This 2 Part System includes a Disposable high-spun polypropylene Microfiber that removes the smallest debris for greater water clarity. The MicroClean Filter captures tiny particles, measuring as small as only one thousandth of a millimeter, which is 30 times smaller than a cartridge paper Hot Tub Filter can deal with.

As The Micro1 Filter can effectively deal with such a fine particulate, you can keep your Sundance Hot Tubs water sparkling without pouring in extra Hot Tub Chemicals such as Clarifiers, Flocking Agents, Coagulants or Enzymes that are used to clump small particles together so they are big enough to be caught in a cartridge paper pleated filter.

The ground breaking MicroClean Filter is the first FDA (Food and Drug Administration) compliant and NSF (National Sanitization Foundation) Certified filter within the Hot Tub industry.

The large, 75 Sq. Ft Pleated Cartridge Filter is washable for a long life and provide extra filtration when you need it most, when you are using the hot tub!

MicroClean Ultra Filtration

880 Series Sundance Hot Tubs come equipped with MicroUltra Filtration. This exclusive, advanced dual-stage interlocking filtration system means that finer particles are trapped in an inner Micro Core filter after passing through an outer pleated filter, which has caught the larger particles. This system provides robust, efficient hot tub filtration, using technology similar to that used in popular home drinking water filters. The MicroUltra Filtration System provides unrivalled water clarity and is easy to maintain, so you can focus on relaxing.

The MicroUltra System surpasses even the Micro1 Filter by providing more filter area, as the MicroUltra Inner Core Filter, made of 100% melt blown polypropylene, sits inside the pleated outer filter. A Variable Density Construction is used on the MicroUltra Inner Core, which uses the entire depth of the filter to trap sediment and debris – This results in a higher dirt holding capacity.

MicroUltra Dual Stage Filtration is capable of filtering more water more thoroughly in less time and therefore towers above all other hot tub water treatment systems for ensuring pure, clear, safe water with low maintenance and decreased chemical usage.

MicroClean Plus Filtration

The MicroClean Plus Sundance Spas Hot Tub filter is made with an advanced, triple-layered material that provides greater filtration for crystal clear water. This efficient Hot Tub filtering system traps larger particles in the upper layers of the filter and smaller particles in the lower layers. Microclean Plus Hot Tub Filters absorb oils and lotions, removing them from the water. This system is compatible with all Sundance 880™ Series Hot Tubs and provides a fully disposable alternative to the MicroUltra Filter System. This filter is 100% maintenance free!

Clean, Clear Water

Your filters are the first and most important measure of protection for your Hot Tub. Without them, you won’t be able to maintain clean water or hygienic conditions to soak in.

The Sundance MicroClean Water Management System, combined with the ClearRay Water Purification System, combined with the Dynamic Flow Circulation Pump provides you with Clean, Clear, Safe water in your Sundance Hot Tub. Your Hot Tub will always be ready to use whenever you want and ensures you get to spend more of your time doing what matters to you, and less time cleaning and maintaining your hot tub!

For more information or a demonstration of the MicroClean / ClearRay Systems, drop in to any one of our four locations. We would love to show you them in action!