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Keep Your Hot Tub Water Flowing Freely!

Dirty, clogged hot tub filters can make it difficult to maintain your hot tubs water and can put strain on your pumps or cause "FLO" errors to occur on your hot tub.

Even if your hot tub filters look clean, they can often be coated in oils, soaps and lotions that clog your filters, reduce water flow and cause your water to be foamy or cloudy.

Rinsing with a garden hose every couple of months will keep larger debris at bay, but a deep clean each time you change your Hot Tubs Water will increase the efficiency of your hot tub filters, help your pumps perform to their best and make keeping your water clean and clear a breeze!

The Sundance Spa Store is excited to announce that we now carry Aqua Magic Cartridge Cleaner in stock. Aqua Magic is the new quick and easy way to deep clean your cartridge filters. 

Unlike traditional cartridge cleaners, Aqua Magic is spray on, and works its magic in 5 - 10 Minutes, eliminating the need to find a huge bucket and soak your filters overnight. Simply Spray Aqua Magic all over your filter, wait a few minutes and then hose off. For an even more effect clean, consider hooking up a Filter Flosser to your garden hose.


The Filter Flosser extends your Hot Tub filter's life by easily removing dirt deposits and debris from filter pleats in a fraction of the time of other cleaning methods. The Filter Flosser generates water and air agitation to remove dirt build-up and debris deep in the pleats of your filter. This cleaner attaches to your garden hose and has a lever to control water flow and direction, giving you the ability to change the water stream in three directions for highly effective cleaning.

The Horizontal stream feature uniformly separates the pleats of the filter to evenly wash away dirt deposits and debris caught deep inside your filter.

The Vertical stream feature gives high-pressure cleaning between pleats, removing small particles of dirt and debris to extend the life of your filter.

The Converged stream feature provides the most concentrated pressure cleaning for removing tough dirt and small debris particles from your filter cartridge.

Using the Filter Flosser means you use half the amount of water, half the time & half the effort – It beats the traditional cleaning method on all fronts!


General Filter Cleaning Tips

* Avoid laundry detergents & household cleaners - They can cause major foaming issues in your hot tub if you use them.

* Rotate your Filters - Keep a spare cartridge filter on hand and rotate them throughout the year. If you use regular Cartridge Cleaner, you can use your spare filter while the original is soaking.

* Use of power washers or dish washers is not recommended. The high water pressure can damage the pleated filter material.

* Don't use bleach on your hot tub filters. Although it may seem to do a good job of cleaning them, it degrades and weakens the filter fibres and greatly decreases the life expectancy of your hot tubs filters.

Sundance MicroClean Filters

780 Series & Select Series Sundance Hot Tubs are equipped with MicroClean I filters. These High-Spun polypropylene fibre filters polish your water and give ultra-fine filtration, dealing with oils, lotions & tiny particles that are too small for a regular pleated Hot Tub Filter. The MicroClean I filter is fully disposable, and does not require washing. Simply replace the MicroClean Filter every 4-5 Months to ensure your water is clean & clear.

880 Series Sundance Hot Tubs are equipped with MicroUltra Filtration. This 2 Piece interlocking system provides advanced dual stage filtration that is the ultimate in hot tub water treatment. The Inner “Core” Filter sits inside the large pleated filter, and is to be replaced every 9-12 Months. This is just another way Sundance Hot Tubs make it simple to look after your hot tub water, so you are spending your time enjoying the hot tub rather than constantly working on it!

Take the guess work out of your maintenance

The Sundance® SunSmart™ Cloud Control, available on any 880 Series Hot Tub (can be retro-fitted to 2010+ spas) includes an app for your smart phone that provides access to your spa via Wi-Fi connection from anywhere.

You can be inside your house, at work, or even on vacation and still have access to your Sundance spas Hot Tub. With the SunSmart app, you can be certain that your spa will be ready when you want. While you’re at work you can set your spa temperature to your preference so when you get home it’s ready to jump into. Having the SunSmart™ app on your smart phone eliminates the need to be at your spa to adjust the controls.

The app will remind you when it is time to for key maintenance like changing your Hot Tub filters & replacing your CLEARRAY® bulb (The CLEARRAY UV-C Water Purification System can be retro-fitted to 2008+ Sundance Spas).  The SunSmart app can even tell you how long your water has been in the Hot Tub. The reminders on this app means there is no need to be relying on your memory or notes on a calendar to keep your Sundance Hot Tub operating at its peak performance!

For more information on the SunSmart Wi-Fi Cloud Kit, Sundance MicroClean Filtration, ClearRay UV-C Water Purification System or Pleated Cartridge Filter Maintenance, drop in to any one of our four locations and we will be happy to help! Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, St. Catharines

Enjoy your Sundance Hot Tub!