Sundance Spas has added some new Hot Tubs in new sizes to the 2017 680 Series, and made some cosmetic changes to make the 680's more appealing than ever.
Sundance Spas has added some outstanding new features to the ever popular 780 Series Hot Tubs for 2017.
Sundance Spas has added some beautiful new features to the best selling 880 Series Hot Tubs for 2017.
Now available at all 4 locations, The Prado is a great Value Hot Tub built to the high standards you have come to expect from Sundance Spas.
Who you buy your hot tub from can be just as important long term as the brand you choose. By choosing a reputable dealership such as The Sundance Spa Store, you are choosing to work with a company with an unmatched reputation for excellence in customer care, service & support.
Taking delivery of your new Sundance Hot Tub is easy with our professional In-House Delivery Crew!
Foamy Hot Tub Water: A Look at What Causes Foamy Hot Tub Water & How To Prevent and Fix It.
A Hot Tub themed amusement park will include cable cars and carousels filled with natural spring water!
Enjoy the Family Day Long Weekend - Spend some quality time together enjoying your Sundance Hot Tub.