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Clearance Floor Models

If you’re looking a for new hot tub and would consider last year’s model or our current floor models; Click here. We have 3 locations with Clearance Floor Model Specials. If you see something you like; send us an email or call us today. Floor models sell Fast as there one of a kind. SAVE NOW!

Hydro Therapy

Whether you’re juggling work and family, recovering from a joint or muscle injury, or simply needing to unwind from the day’s stresses, spa hydrotherapy provides relaxation, healing effects and nourishing rejuvenation.

Experience a Sundance Spa

Sundance spas combined premium quality with amazing value.  Sundance spas have something for everyone, image your Sundance spa is like a car with fantastic features; we have everything from the small and refined to the large and glamorous.  Contact us today about your dream Spa.

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If you are looking for a quick price on anything we have in stock, just send us an email or give us a call. We have no problem discussing pricing or financing information with you.  If you’re not sure what spa is right for you but have a budget in mind; let us know and we can send you our best in stock deals!

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Our Services

  • Installation:

    Installation of your spa is only the beginning of our commitment to you, our customer. Give yourself peace of mind and allow our specialists to take care of any problems that may arise.
  • Winterization/Drain and Cleans:

    We are happy to assist you with winterizing your hot tub, Draining your hot tub or making sure you’re your hot tub is properly cleaned. Let us know what you need help with and our Staff and Service Technicians take care of you.
  • Hot Tub Moves:

    Contact us if you need assistance moving your hot tub. We can make sure that you have everything properly planned and prepared for your hot tub relocation.

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  • We did our homework and chose the Sundance Optima Spa for their quality and service in the summer of 2011.  Sundance and the Oakville store have lived up to these expectations.  Thank you to everyone at the store for their great service and awesome hot tub!

    Stephanie and Jim, C.,
  • A big thank you to the guys who froze tonight while setting up our hot tub, also to Scott and Bill [owners of Sundance Spas] who made this a reality for our family. Many, many thanks!
    Jim, Sandra, Tyler and Alanna Snowdon,
  • We bought our Sundance spa over three years ago and still enjoy it at least once a week.  It sure beat the heck out of having my kitchen redone.  The staff both in the store and when they installed is great.  The two problems we had were both fixed with minimal fuss and bother and in both cases, we weren’t even home.  No charge, they were covered under warranty.  I would recommend Sundance to all and have, and my boss now has a Sundance Spa.
    Wendy, L.,
  • We switched from our previous hot tub to a Sundance Spa to reduce the amount of chemicals used and have found it to be better for us. The service from Brian and everyone at Sundance has been superb…from our installation to the ongoing service for our spa.
    Heather and Ed Burcher,