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980 Spas in the Greater Toronto Area

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980 Series Spa Hot Tubs 

980 Series hot tubs are superbly equipped with the latest and greatest features and technology. The Claremont, Kingston, Odessa & Lisbon are visually stunning - the perfect blend of elegance and functionality that will change the way you think about Hot Tubs.

All 980 Series models are equipped with the SmartTub Cellular Control System as standard, so you can monitor and control your Sundance Spa from anywhere via your smartphone or tablet.  SmartTub uses cellular service which is more reliable than Wi-Fi, and uses data packets smaller than a text message to remotely control and monitior your spa. Even if you are in a remote location and don't have sufficient cell service to stream video or have voice communication, your coverage will support your SmartTub System.

ClearRay UV-C Water Purification works together with MicroUltra Filtration, SlipStream Skimmer Weir and Dyamic Flow Silent Circulation Pump to keep your hot tub water clean and fresh with the minimum amount of chemicals and effort, so you can spend more time enjoying your hot tub than you do working on it!

With their sophisticated design, the 980 Series hot tubs will be a fantastic addition to any backyard project. The focal point of your outdoor living space, the Claremont, Kingston, Odessa & Lisbon models are suited to any size area, and would not look out of place on a condo patio or nestled into the corner of your deck - the design possibilities are endless!


  • Textured synthetic cabinetry highlighted by corner illumination.
  • Flat top rail and beautiful lounge deck with illuminated SunCooler™ cold storage areas offer additional seating and convenience.
  • Wide seats are highlighted by the even glow of LED lighting for beauty and safety.
  • Upgraded Accu-Ssage™ therapy seat delivers the widest coverage we’ve ever offered.
  • Low profile for safe and easy entry and exit.
  • Specialty SilentAir™ injector jets deliver soft, stress-melting bubbles and SunScents® Aromatherapy.
  • Glass i-Touch Control makes it super easy to use and enjoy your hot tub day or night.
  • SmartTub Cellular Control System is standard for remote access and control & to keep you informed of the status of your hot tub.
  • Tool-free cabinetry - Simpy Clicks into place and is easily removable.
  • Advanced Dual-Stage MicroClean® Ultra Water Filtration System makes maintenance a breeze.
  • ClearRay UV-C Water Purification System as standard.
  • Optional ClearRay ProTect Automatic Oxidizer.
  • Fully Sealed Synthetic Base & Moisture Barrier.
  • Optional BlueWave Spa Stereo System.
  • Titanium Coil Heater for improved Energy Efficiency.

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