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780 Spas in the Greater Toronto Area

780 Series Spa Hot Tubs

The Sundance® Spa Store is excited to present the 780™ Series by Sundance® Spas. Contemporary in design and masterfully engineered for maximum performance and ease of use, these hot tubs are ideal for relaxing, reconnecting, or recovering from stress and strain.

Designed with natural colors and clean styling, these easy-to-maintain outdoor spas can help form the basis of a no-hassle lifestyle. The Patented ClearRay Water Purification System and MicroClean Filters work together to keep your 780™ Series Hot Tub water clean and clear, so all you have to do is relax, host a party, or let the jets work on those sore muscles and joints.

From the compact Dover™ model to the spacious Chelsee™, the 780™ Series offer a variety of jets to provide an amazing hydrotherapy experience. Soothing Muscle Therapy or SMT™ jets capture the feeling of a hands-on massage.  Vortex™ jets offer a swirling sensation through their unique rifling action. Patented Accu-Pressure jets focus on pressure points in shoulders, neck, back, calves and feet.

The Sundance 780 Series Chelsee hot tub is one of our best selling models & highly reviewed!

"Chelsee Changed My Life! I should have bought the Chelsee 15 years ago when my arthritis first started. Deep pressure massaging action from the jets melts away muscle spasms and just plain old sore, tight muscles. I feel better. I'm sleeping better. I can sit and stand for longer without pain. It's life changing! "

The Sundance 780 Series Montclair hot tub is a customer favorite & the customer reviews are outstanding!

 "Fantastic Spa! Beautiful, easy to care for, comfortable - I LOVE IT!!!" - Leogirl

"Wonderful Spa Over All. This is our 2nd Sundance spa. We had the first one for 10 years. When it came time to upgrade, there was not a question about what brand we wanted. Very low maintenance and looks great." - HLococo

Pristine Water. Soothing Hydrotherapy. Exceptional Energy Efficiency. Extraordinary Comfort.

Say Yes To It All In A 780 Series Sundance Hot Tub!


  • Patented ClearRay® UV-C Water Purification System
  • Patented MicroClean® Water Management System
  • 20" SlipStream Floating Skimmer
  • Patented Dynamic Flow Silent Circulation Pump
  • High Flow TheraMax Therapy Jet Pumps
  • Exclusive Fluidix® & Vortex Jet Technology
  • Patented Jet Technology - No Moving Parts - Jets Built To Last Longer
  • Stainless Steel Jet Trim
  • Enhanced LED Colored Lighting
  • Back-lit Variable Flow Waterfall
  • Streamlined Digital Control Panel with Illumination
  • External Status Indicator Light
  • Stainless Steel 5.5kW Heater
  • Fully Sealed Synthetic Base & Moisture Barrier
  • SunStrong® Maintenance Free Cabinetry
  • Patented Rigid Bond Shell Construction - 8 times stronger than standard hot tub shells.
  • Individual Air Controls And Massage Selectors
  • Comfortable Pillow Headrests
  • EZ - Access Quick Release Door for Easy Equipment Access
  • 10 Year Shell Warranty, 5 Year Cabinet Warranty, 5 Year Equipment & Controls Warranty
  • Optional Bluewave® Spa Stereo System
  • Optional SmartTub *Exclusive Cellular Technology*
  • Optional ClearRay® Protect Automatic Oxidizer
  • Optional EcoWrap®


2-3 Person Hot Tub


4-5 Person Hot Tub


5-6 Person Hot Tub


6-7 Person Hot Tub


6 Person Hot Tub


5-6 Person Hot Tub
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