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Hot Tub Accessories - Part 2: Cover Lifters

This week we continue our series on Hot Tub Accessories by looking at Hot Tub Cover Lifters, Cover Caps and Cover Secure Straps.

Being able to remove your Sundance Hot Tub cover with ease makes a cover lifter a great addition to your Sundance Hot Tub. A second reason that a cover lifter is a worthwhile option is the fact that it will help keep your Sundance Hot Tub Cover in great shape and will add to the lifespan of your cover, as you are no longer dragging it off manually or dropping it on the ground.

The Sundance Spa Store offers a selection of cover lifters that makes it almost effortless to remove your Sundance Hot Tub cover. Designed to work smoothly and efficiently, these cover lifters are available for most Sundance Hot Tubs, large or small, square, rectangular or round.

CoverMate I

The CoverMate I helps you remove your Sundance Hot Tub cover with ease.  This lifter is equipped with the TowelMate accessory for hanging up to three towels right where you need them most.

The practical and efficient Cover Mate I can be attached to virtually all Sundance Hot Tubs, and needs as little as 16” clearance behind the spa and 5" on each side to work effectively.

CoverMate III

Gas shock mechanisms on the CoverMate III make opening your Sundance Hot Tub extremely easy! The mounting brackets, tubing and full bar construction provide superior strength. This lifter includes a locking system that prevents your cover from falling during high winds.

The space saving design of the CoverMate III makes it is ideal for Hot Tubs housed in gazebos or when space behind the hot tub is limited, as a clearance of as little as 8" is required at the back of the Hot Tub. By standing up at the back of your Sundance Hot Tub, the Cover Mate III transforms your spa cover into a convenient privacy screen. Available with extended arms for large Hot Tubs such as the 880 Series Maxxus & Aspen or the 980 Series Kingston & Claremont.


CoverMate Freestyle

This is the convenient way to handle the round hot tub cover on the 680 Series Denali. A smart-mount base system allows you to use the weight of the Hot Tub to hold the lift device in place. A clearance of 20” is needed for this Cover Lifter system. The Cover Mate Freestyle positions the cover away from the Hot Tub so the every seat is usable; it also adds an element of privacy whilst you are enjoying your Sundance Hot Tub.


Cover Caddy

The Cover Caddy is a convenient hot tub cover lift for any Sundance spa. Its arms cradle your Sundance Hot Tub cover to keep it safely behind your spa and can fold away when not in use. The Cover Caddy system needs a clearance of 42” behind the hot tub. The kit includes an under-style mounting system for easy installation.


It's hard to imagine a more simple or effective method of Sundance Hot Tub cover removal and storage than the CoverShelf. Ideal for smaller Hot Tubs such as the 680 Series Prado or 780 Series Dover, Simply fold the cover in half and slide it out onto the sturdy aluminum bars, where it can rest securely without obstructing your beautiful view!

Hot Tub Cover Caps

Hot Tub Cover Caps help protect your Sundance Hot Tub cover from the harsh winter elements. Being made from tough, durable woven polyethylene, they are designed to protect your Sundance Hot Tub cover from snow and ice build up. Cover Caps come in a variety of sizes and are in-stock now at The Sundance Spa Store's 4 locations (Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville & St. Catharines).

Hot Tub Cover Secure Straps

The Cover Secure system’s heavy-duty nylon straps lock into place over your Sundance Hot Tub cover to prevent unwanted access as well as protecting it against high winds. The Cover Secure Systems are available in Coastal Grey and Mahogany, in three sizes: 12′ (3.7 m), 10′ (3.1 m), and 8′ (2.4 m).

The Sundance Spa Store has supplied and installed Sundance Hot Tubs and accessories in cities such as Toronto, Markham, Brampton, Halton Hills, Milton, Vaughan, Barrie, Port Credit, Welland, Richmond Hill, Caledon, Etobicoke, Orangeville, Toronto & Niagara Falls.

Feel free to drop in for details on our current Factory Clearance Sale on all Sundance Hot Tub Series (Select680780880 & 980) and get more information on all available Sundance Hot Tub Accessories.