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Sundance Hot Tub Filter Maintenance

We all want to enjoy clean, clear Hot Tub Water, and regular Filter Maintenance helps a lot!

Dirty, clogged hot Tub filters can make it difficult to maintain your hot tubs water and can put strain on your pumps or cause "FLO" errors to occur on your Sundance Hot Tub.

Even if your Sundance Hot Tub filters look clean, they can often be coated in oils, soaps and lotions that clog your filters, reduce water flow and cause your water to be foamy or cloudy.

Rinsing with a regular garden hose every couple of months will keep debris at bay, but a deep clean with a cartridge cleaner each time you change your Hot Tubs Water will increase the efficiency of your Sundance hot Tub filters, help your pumps perform at their best and keep your water looking and feeling great!

The Sundance Spa Store stocks two different types of cartridge cleaner at all 4 stores.  Aqua Magic is a spray on filter cleaner, which works its magic in 5 - 10 Minutes, eliminating the need to find a huge bucket and soak your Sundance Hot Tub filters overnight. Just Spray Aqua Magic all over your pleated filter, wait a few minutes and then hose off. 

Cartridge Cleaner is a more traditional Filter Cleaning product. Simply add half a bottle of Cartridge Cleaner to 10 liters of warm water, soak overnight then rinse thoroughly. Both Filter Cleaning options have proven themselves to successfully remove grease, body oils, lotions and scale from Sundance Hot Tub Filters.

Sundance Pleated Filters

As mentioned above, your Sundance hot tub Filter Cartridges should be rinsed every couple of months, and deep cleaned 2-3 times a year. Here are a few tips on cleaning your Hot Tub Filters:

* Avoid the use of laundry detergents & household cleaners - They can cause major foaming issues in your hot Tubs water if you use them, and can also degrade your filter, meaning you will have to replace it far sooner than normal.

* Rotate your Filters - Keeping a spare  filter on hand so you can clean them throughout the year is a good idea. If you use regular Cartridge Cleaner, you can use your spare filter while the original is soaking overnight.

* Use of power washers or dish washers is not recommended. The high water pressure can damage the pleated filter material, and reduce the lifespan of your Hot Tub filters.

* Don't use bleach on your Sundance Hot Tub filters. Although it may seem to do a good job of cleaning them, it degrades and weakens the filter fibers and greatly decreases the life expectancy of your Hot Tubs filters, and can have a negative impact on the quality and clarity of your water once the filters are replaced in the Hot Tub.

Sundance Pleated Filters should be replaced as required. Sundance 680 Series Hot Tubs have either 2 x 45 Sq Ft filters or 1 x 50 Sq Ft cartridge filter that should be replaced every 12-18 months.

780 & Select Series Models come with a dual-stage filtration system. The 75 Sq Ft cartridge should be replaced approximately every 18 months, as should the Outer Filter on all 880 & 980 Series Sundance Hot Tubs.

Sundance MicroClean Filters

780 Series & Select Series Sundance Hot Tubs are equipped with MicroClean I filters. These High-Spun polypropylene fiber filters polish your water and give ultra-fine filtration, dealing with oils, lotions & tiny particles that are too small for a regular pleated Hot Tub Filter. The MicroClean I filter is fully disposable, and does not require any washing or maintenance. Simply replace the MicroClean Filter every 3-4 Months to ensure your water stays clean & clear.

880 & 980 Series Sundance Hot Tubs are equipped with MicroUltra Filtration. This 2 Piece interlocking system provides advanced dual stage filtration that is the ultimate in Hot Tub water treatment. The Inner “Core” Filter sits inside the large pleated filter, and is maintenance free, being replaced every 6-12 Months. 

The MicroPlus fully disposable filter is an option for use on any 880 or 980 Series Hot Tub. This advanced, triple-layer disposable pleated cartridge filter is completely maintenance free, keeping your water clean for 6-12 months without any cleaning or hassle!

From Friday, August 25th to Sunday, August 27th, all Sundance Hot Tub Filters are on sale at all 4 of our locations (Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville & St. Catharines). During this sale, we are also offering a discount on all Hot Tub Chemicals and Spazazz Hot Tub Fragrances!

Come in and see us for more information on Sundance Spas Hot Tub Filters, and how they work to keep your hot tub water sparkling clean in conjunction with our patented ClearRay UV-C Water Purification System.