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Hot Tub Installation - Part 1: Location

Sundance Hot Tub installation is easier than you think! Over the next couple of weeks, we will look at the planning and preparation needed to get the Sundance Hot Tub of your dreams installed in your backyard.

Hot Tub Location

When it comes to Hot Tub installation, location is key. You will likely have many choices for where you might want to install your Sundance Hot Tub, but it's important that you choose the location that will ensure you get the best possible usage out of your new Sundance Hot Tub.

Do you want your Sundance Hot Tub to be a focal point in your backyard, or would you prefer a more private placement? If privacy is really important to you, avoid placing your Hot Tub within view of the streets or neighboring homes. If your backyard doesn't really have any secluded spots, other Hot Tub privacy ideas include installing in a gazebo, arbor, or pergola. The addition of a Cover Lifter such as the Cover Mate III, can also help with privacy as well as serving as a windbreaker.

When deciding your Hot Tubs location, consider you and your family's needs and desires. Do you like to entertain? Love family BBQ's? Enjoy reading or quiet meditation? The answers to these questions will help you determine the type of setting you want for your Hot Tub, and which Sundance Hot Tub is best for you.

To help with your planning and dreaming, today we will look at 4 different options for your Sundance Hot Tub installation.

Stand Alone

Stand alone installations are popular because their dramatic look adds esthetic flair to your backyard, and they require little in the way of preparation. A flat, level and solid surface is all you require to serve as a base for your Sundance Hot Tub. Staff at The Sundance Spa Store can give you all the information you need to prepare the surface before your Hot Tub is delivered, and we can even arrange for someone to come out and prepare the pad for you!

Edge of Deck

One of the most popular installation methods is the edge of deck. Edge of deck installations can either mean the Hot Tub is placed directly next to an existing deck, or you can have a piece of the deck cut out, and nestle the Hot Tub next to it.

Edge of deck installations are not only beautiful and space saving, they also offer outstanding access to the Hot Tub, making entry and exit safe and easy. Edge of deck installs also provide excellent access to the Hot Tubs equipment should any service work be required.

Deck Top

Deck Top installations are both elegant and practical. Whether you have a wood or composite deck, a Sundance Hot Tub is always a stunning addition! You designed your deck as a space for family and friends to gather, relax and enjoy one another's company - why not add a Hot Tub to be a hub of fun and entertainment right on the deck? Modern decks are constructed to effortlessly hold the weight of your new Sundance Hot Tub, and older decks can be easily reinforced to ensure they can handle the added weight.


Recessed Hot Tubs save space and look amazing! Building your new Sundance Hot Tub into your deck, or building around it to give it that "Built-In" look creates an eye catching look as well as making entering and exiting your Hot Tub safe and easy. When considering the recessed look, it is wise to consider how the Hot Tubs equipment can be accessed for any service work that may be required, and how the electrical hook up will be completed. Many recessed Hot Tubs are built-in with removable access panels to ensure ease of maintenance without losing the look you were going for.

There are many ways to design a custom hot tub installation. But positioning your Sundance Hot Tub close to the back door ensures you will use your Hot Tub more often, even when the weather isn’t great.

For more information on Hot Tub installation, and which Sundance Hot Tub is right for your backyard come in and talk to one of our Hot Tub experts at any of our 4 locations (Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville & St. Catharines).

From these locations we install and service Sundance Hot Tubs in cities such as Toronto, Markham, Brampton, Halton Hills, Milton, Vaughan, Barrie, Port Credit, Welland, Richmond Hill, Caledon, Etobicoke, Orangeville, Toronto & Niagara Falls. To check out some of the amazing installations we have completed, view our Installation  Gallery.