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Hot Tub Jets - 780 Series

Sink into the soothing waters of a Sundance 780 Series Hot Tub, and you will soon experience for yourself the perfect blend of heat, buoyancy and massage that will change the way you feel.

Sundance Hot Tubs has refined the Hot Tub experience to help you spend the time you have meaningfully. The 780 Series come fully equipped with a variety of exclusive Fluidix Jets - patented Hydrotherapy jets that you won't find on the average hot tub. Fluidix jets are a true breakthrough in hot tub jet technology.

From subtly calming to intensely penetrating, every jet in a Sundance 780 Series Hot Tub is uniquely designed to simulate a specific massage sensation using the ideal combination of air and water.

Exclusive to Sundance Hot Tubs, this range of swirling, pulsing, streaming, high & low Impact jets provide a fully adjustable, personalized hydrotherapy experience tailor made for your body type and massage needs.

Here is a brief look at each of the jets featured on the 780 Series:

Accu-Pressure Jet

These deep-tissue jets utilize the fine finger pressure massage technique founded by Eastern cultures. A Shiatsu-style massage with a soft, targeted stream of water stimulates vital acupressure points to release strain and discomfort. 

SMT Fluidix Jet

Medium sized that provides spiral-action massage to ease tension-prone areas in small muscle groups and joints. Their pronounced back-and-forth massaging motion moves Hot Tub water in a whole new way and makes them a favourite for many. These powerful, adjustable jets are great for massaging tension prone areas in small muscle groups and joints.

SMT Micro Jet

The SMT Micro Jet is a fully adjustable jet designed to relieve neck strain. These jets give a targeted, focused massage to your neck which will diminish neck pain and have a huge effect on your overall well-being.

Vortex Jet

With it’s unique rifling action,The Vortex jet provides a swirling, Swedish style massage that is beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility and easing tension. It's rifling action delivers a swirling sensation for high and low impact therapeutic massage.

Mini Vortex Jet

As with the Vortex Jet, the Mini Vortex utilizes a unique rifling action to provide both high and low impact massage. The Mini Vortex jets are strategically placed to massage across your shoulders and upper back, and feature as stress relieving foot jets in 780 Series lounger models including the compact, patio sized Dover.

Not shown on the image above, the adjustable Accu-Pressure jet is featured in the Reflexology Floor Dome on the Chelsee & Hanover Models, and as calf jets in the lounge seats of the Hamilton, Bristol & Montclair Models. 

Sundance Hot Tubs Fluidix hydrotherapy jets are built without ball bearings, flywheels or any other moving parts that can clog, slow down and eventually seize up completely.

Standard Hot tub jets that use ball bearings or other moving parts will gradually lose power and perform less effectively as time goes on, whereas our patented Fluidix hot tub therapy jets are designed to provide a lifetime of excellent performance and give you the ultimate in versatility and efficiency.

It’s time for you to discover why Sundance Hot Tubs earn international awards, honors and certifications. They deliver a hot Tub experience unlike any other, and it all starts with their patented Fluidix jets.

We have 780, 880 or 980 Series Hot Tubs filled and running in each of our stores, and we invite you to come in, roll up your sleeves and experience Fluidix jets for yourself!

Our stores are located in Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville & St. Catharines, and from these locations we deliver and service Sundance Hot Tubs in cities such as Markham, Carlisle, Brampton, Vaughan, Barrie, Port Credit, Welland, Orangeville, Caledon, Etobicoke, Milton, Toronto & Niagara Falls.