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Hot Tub Jets - 680 Series

One of the most important features of any hot tub is its jets. The quality, quantity, positioning and performance of a hot tubs jets will determine if you have a pleasurable hot tub experience or not.

A great hot tub must have a good number of jets in a variety of styles that are strategically placed to provide a thorough full body massage.

Sundance Hot Tubs have been an industry leader in hot tub jet technology since 1979, building world class hot tubs with jets designed to soothe aching joints and muscles and help your body speed up the natural healing process. 

The 680 Series of Hot Tubs by Sundance Spas have a wide variety of hydrotherapy jets to provide a complete and fulfilling massage. 


Targets small muscles in the neck area with a gentle, yet effective massage. Relieves tension and strain from tired muscles and joints and has an adjustable face plate which allows for higher or lower water pressure.


Provides a direct, adjustable, deep tissue massage to muscles throughout the back, they are a great stress and strain remover.


Sends swirling currents of warm water circling throughout the Hot Tub. DST jets provide a vigorous whirlpool action which delivers muscle-penetrating massage action.


The DL jet focuses on pressure points on the neck, shoulders and back, providing deep-tissue massage which relieves muscle tension, aches and soreness. Adjustable jet face allows you to control the intensity of your massage.


The DVR Jets, featured the on the Prado, Edison, Peyton, McKinley and Ramona models, are fully adjustable oscillating jets provide a deep tissue, swirling massage action which replicates a hands-on massage.


DVX jets are large and powerful, delivering intense hydrotherapy to your back and calves. These robust jets are adjustable and directional for a customized massage.


Not shown on the image above, DV jets are featured on the Peyton & Ramona models. DV jets give a gentle, pulsing massage action that helps soothe tired calves and also provide comfort in your hands and wrists, bringing relief to the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The performance of a Hot Tub jet hinges on the plumbing behind it. Sundance Hot Tubs are engineered with large, 2" plumbing lines instead of the standard 1" or 1.5" plumbing that is used in the average hot tub.

This larger plumbing increases the water flow capacity to enhance jet performance and provide a more comfortable and customizable hydro massage experience.

Sundance Hot Tubs are plumbed without using 90 degree elbows that are prevalent on most hot tubs.

By eliminating the use of 90's we ensure a smooth, continuous flow of water, as it doesn't hit a "wall" and have to start again, which causes "surges" in the flow, reducing jet performance and causing hot tub pumps to have to work harder than necessary which can result in them breaking down prematurely.

All Jets on a Sundance Hot Tub are installed with our Secure Harness Plumbing. Our jets are glued, barbed, clamped and then further secured with closed cell energy efficient high density foam that eliminates the problem of leaking jets.

All Select, 680, 780, 880 & 980 Series Hot Tubs are equipped with the patented ClearRay UV-C Water Purification System. By greatly reducing the amount of chemicals needed in the Hot Tub, we reduce the likelihood of calcification and damage to our jets, prolonging their life and improving their performance.

For more information on Sundance Hot Tub jets and The 680 Series, we invite you to visit one of our four locations (BurlingtonMississaugaOakville & St. Catharines).

In addition to these cities, we also deliver and service Sundance Hot Tubs in Milton, Carlisle, Brampton, Vaughan, Barrie, Port Credit, Welland, Port Dover, Etobicoke, Toronto & Niagara Falls.

For more information on Hot Tub Deliveries or Sundance Hot Tub Repair & Maintenance, contact our Award-Winning Service Department.