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Hot Tub Theme Park!

The world's first Hot Tub Themed amusement Park is expected to open this Summer in Beppu City, Japan .

This remarkable concept was revealed to the world on a YouTube video featuring the Mayor of Beppu City, Yasuhiro Nagano who announced construction of the park would go ahead should the video reach 1 Million hits, which is very quickly surpassed.

The project is now in the fundraising stage, with a Campfire (Japan's version of Kickstarter) campaign underway to raise 100 Million Yen (approx $888,00 USD) to go toward the cost of the park.

The theme park, which will be called Yuenchi – a combination of ‘Yu’ meaning hot water and ‘yuenchi’ meaning amusement park – is well placed in the city of Beppu, which is on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, as the area boasts Japan’s largest number of source-fed onsen (Hot Spring bathing facilities) and the nation's largest yield of hot spring water.

For those of you who enjoy spending your spare time in your swim wear enjoying Hot Water, but who don't fancy doing so at a crowded theme park, a beautiful Hot Tub from Sundance Spas will provide you with a great spot to hang out with friends and family in clean, clear hot water.

Although we can't offer you splash pads or gaming rooms filled with steam, we think the amazing Hydrotherapy Jets and remarkably low maintenance required to keep your energy efficient  Sundance Hot Tub crystal clear will more than compensate, and your backyard oasis is available to you 24-7 all year 'round, with no need for a 20,000KM round trip!

The thought of sharing roller coaster and Ferris wheel cars filled with hot water that goodness knows how many other people have bathed in could have even the mildest of germophobe's grossed out, and the thought of sharing a Hot Tub with even friends and neighbors' can put some people off. Fortunately, Sundance has got you covered.

Our patented Clear Ray UV-C Water Purification System is standard on all  Sundance Hot Tubs, delivering the cleanest, clearest Hot Tub water through UV-C technology. Over 99% of water-borne pathogens are destroyed with this cutting-edge feature, and all without loading your water with excessive amounts of chemicals, salt, ozone gasses, or other byproducts that can irritate your skin and eyes or give your Hot Tub a foul smell. Clear Ray UV-C is the simplest, most efficient way to keep your Sundance Hot Tub hygienic with a minimal amount of maintenance.

The Sundance 780, 880, 980 & Select Series Hot Tubs come pre-equipped with our patented MicroClean Filtration Systems, which include the MicroClean 1, MicroClean Plus or MicroClean Ultra filters in addition to the Clear Ray UV-C to further reduce maintenance and maintain water clarity. These filters are unique in the industry, as they can remove extremely small dirt particles that regular filters cannot, and they have the added ability to trap and remove oils and lotions for extra clean water.

With a Hot Tub from Sundance Spas, the water is always warm and welcoming...and you only have to have other people in the water with you if you choose to invite them!

Sundance Spa hot tub spas service Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and St. Catharines 1

For more information on Sundance's water care systems or to find out about our on-going Inventory Clearout Specials, please visit one of our 4 locations: Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville & St. Catharines, We would love to show you the many great features that sets Sundance Spas apart from a regular Hot Tub!