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Happy Thanksgiving!

Early October, crisp cool mornings, and changing fall colours mean one thing: Thanksgiving is around the corner! This fall holiday is typically marked with a delicious (and often decadent) Turkey meal, and time spent hanging out with friends and family.

Why not start a new family tradition that brings everybody closer together and makes your Thanksgiving Celebration even more special?

An after dinner soak in your Sundance Spas Hot Tub is a fantastic way for you to relax after all the hectic planning, travelling, cooking and cleaning that you have done to make that perfect dinner!

Sundance Spa hot tub spas service Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and St. Catharines 1

Hopping in to your Sundance Hot Tub after Thanksgiving dinner  gives you the opportunity to relax and soak away the stress of a busy day. Strenghten family and friend connections as you enjoy yout Hot Tub together. Enjoy the cool of the evening as you immerse in the clean, clear, warm waters of your Sundance Hot Tub together, without the distractions of TV's or Smartphone's.

With a Hot Tub from Sundance Spas, you will experience luxurious, restful, tension-relieving relaxation in every seat. Open seat models, such as the Aspen, Optima, Constance, Chelsee & Edison are designed with relationships in mind.  A Sundance Hot Tub with Open Seating is great for entertaining, as it allows more people to sit comfortably in a wide variety of Hydrotherapy Seats that ensure you are able to face each other for ease of conversation.

The quiet, energy efficient pumps used on Sundance Hot Tubs also make conversation easy as you are not having to shout at each other trying to make yourself heard over super loud pumps!

As we are Celebrating Thanksgiving, why not ask everyone in the Hot Tub what they are grateful for? It's a great way to get meaningful conversation going and will doubtless get people thinking about the many things in life we can be grateful for.

Something Sundance Hot Tub owners can be grateful for is the many health benefits of regular Hot Tub use. Did you know that soaking in your Sundance Hot Tub an hour after a meal can help kick start your digestion?

Sundance Spa hot tub spas service Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and St. Catharines 2

Sitting in your Sundance Hot Tub encourages Vasodilation. This is the widening of blood vessels. By widening the blood vessels it makes it easier to get blood through the whole of your body. Vasodilation decreases stress on your heart and lowers your blood pressure. Your stomach will find it easier to digest recenently eaten food with increased circulation. By helping widen the blood vessels and stimulating vasodilation you are helping your body tackle the digestion of that wonderful Thanksgiving meal!

For more information on Hot Tubs from Sundance Spas, feel free to drop in to any one of our four locations serving the GTA & Niagara Regions (Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville & St. Catharines). We would love to help you find the model that is just right for you and your family.

Have a Wonderful, Relaxing Thanksgiving!

The Sundance Spa Store Team.