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The 880 Series Marin

Sit side-by-side in the medium sized Sundance® Marin™, play your favorite music from the optional BlueWave Spa Stereo System and enjoy the cascading, softly lit splash of the AquaTerrace waterfall.

These days more and more people are realizing how important it is to carve out time and space for yourselves, and A Marin™ hot tub gives you the luxury of a private retreat, perfect for enjoying quality time with friends and family. With its impressive selection of eight different types of Hydrotherapy jets, the Marin is definitely flexible, giving you all the features and benefits of a large Hot Tub but in a smaller footprint.

Soothing, calming, invigorating, the mood inside the Sundance® Marin™ is whatever you want to make it. The Marin™ is also easy to maintain, thanks to the ClearRay UV-C Water Purification System and MicroUltra Dual Stage Filtration which are included as standard on all 880 Series Sundance Hot Tubs. Here are some of the features that set the Marin apart from the rest and make it the most luxurious mid size hot tub in the world.


Stylish Low Profile Design

At 6’3” x 7’7” x 33” The Marin seats 4-5 adults. Its lower profile makes it very easy to safely enter and exit the Hot Tub, which has illuminated stainless steel grab bars for extra peace of mind.

With the best hydrotherapy in mind, the Marin has a comfortable, ergonomic full body lounger. The lounger contains 2 Fluidix NEX jets for a pulsing neck massage, 6 Fluidix Reflex Jets, with a pronounced back-and-forth massaging motion for your back and 2 Pulsator Jets that provide a swirling massage for your hands/wrists that are beneficial in helping deal with the symptoms of carpal tunnel Syndrome.

In addition to these jets, the lounger also has jets for your legs and feet. 2 Focus Relief Jets gently massage your calf muscles, and 2 of the vigorous rifling action Vortex jets are available for your feet, to soak away the stress of a long hard day on your feet.

Let the romance flow by taking advantage of the “love Seat” located right next to the lounger! With 2 Patented Fluidix Intelli-Jets for your back and 2 for your feet you can enjoy either a pulsating or direct flow massage adjusted exactly to your desired strength, as well as a deep tissue calf massage from the exclusive Accu-Pressure jets. 

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Micro-Ultra Filtration

The Marin, as with all 880 Series Sundance Hot Tubs, comes equipped with MicroUltra Filtration. This exclusive, advanced dual-stage interlocking filtration system means that finer particles are trapped in an inner Micro Core filter after passing through an outer pleated filter, which has caught the larger particles. This system provides robust, efficient hot tub filtration, using technology similar to that used in popular home drinking water filters. The MicroUltra Filtration System provides unrivalled water clarity and is easy to maintain, so you can focus on relaxing.

Water Care is made easy in the Marin as the Micro-Ultra filters work in conjunction with the ClearRay UV-C Water Purification System, the Dynamic Flow Circulation Pump & Slipstream Skimmer to ensure pure, clear, safe water with minimal amounts of maintenance and decreased chemical usage.


Energy Efficiency

All 880 Series Sundance Hot Tubs, including the Marin, feature the exclusive Smart heater, made with a titanium coil that directly heats the water and significantly increases thermal efficiency and energy cost savings. 100% of the heat produced is transferred immediately to the Hot Tubs water, reducing heating time and hydro consumption. The titanium coil protects the heater from corrosion or failure, and carries an unconditional 5-year warranty.

Sundance Hot Tubs Exclusive 3-layer Rigid Bond™ construction adds durability, high performance, and superior heat retention capabilities to all Sundance Hot Tubs. A proprietary blend of polyester resins makes Sundance Spa Hot Tub shells 8 times stronger than ordinary fiber-glass-laminated shells.

The Smart Heater, Rigid Bond Construction, Dynamic Flow Circulation Pump, Thick Synthetic bases and 3 different types of insulation means that the Marin combines powerful performance, ease of maintenance and unrivalled energy efficiency.

Accu-Ssage Therapy Seat

This Jet Seat gives the deepest, full body immersion experience in any Sundance Spa. The Accu-Ssage Therapy Seat features the Fluidix ST jets, a revolutionary, patented design that gives both a high-and low-impact massage.

These durable jets, built without bearings or other moving parts that can decrease effectiveness and wear out over time, are designed to give a Shiatsu style massage with water moving from side-side simulating the sensation of a hands-on massage – it actually feels like multiple fingers massaging across your back!

With the Accu-Ssage Seat, you are in complete control. The jets target specific acupressure points on your spine for a mild to bold deep tissue massage. Dual air control dials mean you can adjust the jet stream intensity and pressure in both your lower and upper back jets separately. You can also turn the centre of the jet to change the direction of the water from horizontal to vertical or direct the flow at an angle to give the massage a different feel.

The Accu-Ssage Therapy Seat is featured on the following Hot Tubs: Aspen, Maxxus, Optima, Cameo, Altamar & Capri.


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Other Features Included as Standard Include:

  • SilentAir Armonatherapy Injectors
  • ClearRay UV-C Water Purification System
  • System Indicator Light
  • 4 ComforTone Headrests
  • AquaTerrace Variable Flow Waterfall
  • Sunglow  Multi-Colour LED Lighting
  • 33 Jets with Stainless Steel Trim
  • SunTouch Touch Screen Control Panel
  • 5 Year Equipment Warranty
  • 5 Year Jet Warranty
  • 10 year Spa Shell Structure Warranty

If you like the size and layout of the 880 Series Marin but are looking at the 780 Series of Hot Tubs, check out the Montclair which is identical in it’s layout to the Marin but with 780 Series Jets/Filtration.

For more information on the Marin and Montclair, and to find out about our affordable Bi-Weekly payment options, visit any one of our 4 locations  serving the GTA and Niagara Regions (Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, & St. Catharines) we would love to show you the benefits of owning your very own Sundance Hot Tub!