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The 780 Series Chelsee

780 Series Focus: Chelsee

Stylish and affordable, the 780 Series Chelsee attracts smart Hot Tub shoppers who are looking for a Hot Tub that combines great features and great value. The Chelsee’s signature sleek lines give an elegant look to this contemporary spa which is designed to keep maintenance levels low and is equipped with state of the art technology and patented Hydrotherapy Jets to enhance your backyard Hot Tub experience. Here are just a few of the features that make the Chelsee stand out from the crowd.

Open Seat Design

At 7’5” x 7’ 5” (89”x89”) The Chelsee will comfortably fit 6-7 Adults. The spacious open seat design includes comfy corner seats that each have their own distinct type of Therapeutic Hydrotherapy Jets to provide a relaxing, invigorating massage. Each Therapy Seat is individually controlled by the bather, and focusses on different muscle groups. If you are looking for a Hot Tub with a lounger, the Sundance 780 Series Hamilton, Certa, Montclair, & Dover models provide the same styles of Jets and filters as the Chelsee, but with lounge chairs integrated into their designs.

Vortex Jets

Sundance Spa hot tub spas Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and St. Catharines 1

The patented Vortex Jet, and the Mini Vortex Jet exclusive to the 780 Series provide a unique rifling action for both a high and low impact therapeutic massage. The swirling sensation gives a form of Swedish massage, which is beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, which helps decrease muscle toxins and improves circulation and flexibility as well as easing soreness and tension.

The Chelsee has 3 seats equipped with Vortex Jets. One seat contains 2 of the large Vortex Jets for a really intense lower back massage. The second seat has a Vortex Jet positioned underneath the cascading waterfall, this means you get a strong lower back massage while the waterfall flows over your shoulders. The third seat contains 2 large Vortex for your lower and mid back and 4 of the Mini Vortex Jets to massage all across your upper back and shoulder blades, to ease tension, relieve pain and increase range of motion.

Vortex Jets are constructed without bearings or any other moving parts, so there is nothing in them that can wear out over time. This adds years to their life expectancy and ensures performance levels never drop, so you get the same great massage in 10 years as you will get today!

Click Here For more on Sundance Hot Tubs Patented Hydrotherapy Jets.

MicroClean Filtration

The 780 Series Chelsee is equipped with the MicroClean1 Filtration System.  This 2 Part System includes a Disposable high-spun polypropylene Microfiber that removes the smallest debris for greater water clarity. The MicroClean Filter captures tiny particles, measuring as small as only one thousandth of a millimeter, which is 30 times smaller than a cartridge paper Hot Tub Filter can deal with.

The large, 75 Sq. Ft Pleated Cartridge Filter is washable for a long life and provides extra filtration when you need it most, when you are using the hot tub!

MicroClean Filtration, along with the ClearRay UV-C Water Purification System, SlipStream Skimmer and Dynamic Flow Circulation Pump all combine to give you outstanding water quality with the minimum amount of chemicals and the least amount of effort.

Reflexology Foot Dome

Sundance Spa hot tub spas Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and St. Catharines 2

The 780 Series Chelsee comes complete with an 8 Jet Reflexology Dome. Built in the centre of the roomy foot well and accessible from every seat, the dome contains 8 Accu-Pressure jets that focus specifically on your feet, to relieve sore, aching feet after a long hard day!

You can also take advantage of the calf jets in the Accu-Ssage Seat (pictured above) for a full leg massage, and stretch your legs out to massage your hamstrings and the backs of your knees with the reflexology dome.

Reflexology is an ancient healing practice based on the principle that there are “reflex” points on the feet that correspond to the body’s different organs and glands. A Reflexology Massage applies pressure to certain areas of the feet which is not only a pleasurable experience but also promotes good health. Some of the benefits of a Reflexology Massage include pain relief, improved circulation, better quality sleep, help in dealing with stress and an overall feeling of relaxation and wellness.

3 Pump System

The Chelsee is engineered to be as energy efficient as possible without having a negative impact on jet performance. By utilizing 2 Thera-Flo High Flow Jet pumps as well as the Dynamic Flow Circulation Pump which is dedicated to filtration, the Chelsee gives a powerful Jet performance without sending your electricity meter spinning!

Jet Pump 1 controls 1 side of the Hot Tub, and is Dual Speed – Giving you the ability to control the power of your massage. Pump 2 is a single speed pump that operates the opposite side of the Hot Tub. As well as being able to control the flow level through the pumps, The Chelsee has a Massage Selector which allows you to divert pressure from one seat to another and 4 Air Controls to add air to your water jets to increase the jet pressure even more. You really do get to control every seat to satisfy your own requirements.

Other Features included as Standard Include:

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Each of our 4 Locations (Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, St. Catharines) have the Chelsee on display, and we invite you to come in and experience first hand the many exciting features that set the Chelsee apart from other Hot Tubs, and make it one of the best selling Hot Tubs in the world.