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Sundance Spas New & Updated Features for 2016

As the largest hot tub manufacturer in the world, Sundance Spas is committed to building superior quality Hot Tubs utilizing the very latest technology.  Each year, Sundance Hot Tubs design team make advances in innovation that are the envy of other hot tub companies.

Sundance Spas is proud to introduce some exciting new features for 2016!

Sundance Spas SunTouch 880 Series Control Panel

The SunTouch Control Panel increases ease of use on your 880 Series Sundance Hot Tub with icon-driven menus accessible via an illuminated backlit LCD touch screen control panel. The new SunTouch technology makes operating and programming your Sundance Hot Tub even easier! You can preprogram settings to conserve water and energy, so your comfort isn’t negatively affected by high utility bills. Advanced microprocessors check all functions 60 times per second. The backlit LCD touch screen display inverts to read from inside or outside your Sundance hot tub. From the SunTouch control panel you can adjust your Hot Tubs temperature, change filtration cycles, operate your Hot Tubs Jets and SilentAir Injectors, set your ClearRay timer, filter timer and turn the SunGlow LED lights on and off as well as adjusting the brightness level and selecting a preferred colour. The LED lighting brightness level now has 5 different settings as well as 5 different speed settings that cycle through the color palette, more customizable than ever before. A hot tub control that does it all!

Take it a step further with Sundance Spas SunSmart™ Wi-Fi Cloud Control System. The SunSmart™ Wi-Fi Cloud kit is a factory installed option beginning in June 2014 for 880 Series Sundance Spas. The SunSmart™ kit can also be purchased as an accessory for 2010+ 880 Series Sundance Spas from The Sundance Spa Stores. The kit is a simple ‘plug-n-play’ installation into your home network and spa for an easy set-up. The Sundance SunSmart™ Cloud Control Includes an app for your smart phone that provides access to your Sundance hot tub via Wi-Fi connection from anywhere. You can be inside your house, at work, or even on vacation and still have access to your Sundance Spa. With the SunSmart™ app, you can be certain that your Sundance hot tub will be ready when you want. While you’re at work you can set your hot tub temperature to your preference so when you get home it’s ready to jump into. Having the SunSmart™ app on your smart phone eliminates the need to be at your Sundance Spa to adjust the controls. Control your Sundance Spa whenever, wherever…24/7.

Sundance Spas BlueWave Spa Stereo System

For 2016, The Optional Sundance BlueWave Spa Stereo System is now fully integrated within the hot tub, the stereo equipment is completely protected from the elements. In addition, you can now operate the BlueWave Stereo System directly from your Sundance Hot Tubs SunTouch control panel.

Bluetooth technology enables you to synch your personal devices directly to your Hot Tub, so you do not need to have your Phone or Tablet with you at the hot tub to enjoy your favorite playlist. The Bluetooth technology allows you to use any Bluetooth device to play your favourite music through the BlueWave Spa Stereo System.

A built-in Sub-Woofer on all 780 Series, Select Series & 880 Series Sundance Spas adds to the experience by enabling you to “feel” the music in the water. Not only does the Sub-Woofer dramatically improve the overall sound, it gives you all that extra bass!

The BlueWave Spa Stereo System is a beautiful addition to your Sundance Hot Tub, and will make sure that your backyard is the centre of attention, and the Summer hangout spot!

Sundance Spas 880 Series AquaTerrace Waterfall Feature

The AquaTerrace 880 Series Waterfall has been re-designed for 2016!

With a sleek new design, the contemporary AquaTerrace waterfall feature provides the soothing sound of running water and amplifies the SunGlow LED lighting. The AquaTerrace waterfall feature includes colored backlighting with a rotating spectrum or one-color settings. iTouch AquaTerrace controls let you adjust lighting for the waterfall feature, large foot well and illuminated air controls. LED (light-emitting diode) technology consumes less energy than incandescent lights. The AquaTerrace waterfall feature has adjustable flow control so you can set the stream just as you want it, and it is great to sit in front off and let the water cascade over your shoulders – it’s so relaxing!

New Colors For 2016

As well as adding these exciting features to their range of Hot Tubs, Sundance has also added two new colours to their collection!

Porcelain & Sandstone are now available on most Sundance Hot Tub Models.

Check out the colour Selector for more colour options

New Series & New Models Coming Soon

Elegant form meets function, Sundance Spas NEW 980 SERIES

The new 980 Series Kingston & new 980 Series Claremont.

We are very EXCITED! You haven’t seen anything yet!

Sundance Spas new 980 Series will raise bar to a whole new level

  • Low profile design without sacrificing seat comfort
  • Easier entry and exit, comfortable step over & pivot entry
  • Architecture style LED lighting
  • Glass touch control; w/ Wi-Fi
  • Fluidix Jets – 55+ (10 different types of patented Jets)
  • New therapy seats – Accu-Ssage inspired seat
  • New siding technology and design
  • Integrated Neon Style Lighting
  • Integrated Cold and lounge area

This is just a glimpse of the new features on Sundance Spas NEW 980 Series coming soon to The Sundance Spa Store near you!

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