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Take the Daily Soak Challenge

You might have noticed a new trend over the last little while where all your friends on social media are taking the "How Hard Did Aging Hit You" Challenge, posting their very first profile picture and their current picture side by side. Social media challenges have been huge over the past few years.

Who could forget the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, The #InMyFeelings Challenge or the #NoMakeupSelfie Challenge that blew up on the internet recently.

At the moment, a lot of people are taking part in the "#BirdBoxChallenge", based on the Netflix hit "Bird Box". Some of the videos people are posting are hilarious, but please be careful out there, and for goodness sake don't drive blindfolded!

These internet challenges can provide a good laugh, and sometimes raise awareness of great causes and even bring in much needed funds for important charities, but how about taking on a challenge that will benefit your mental and physical well-being? We give you the "#DailySoakChallenge"!

How Long Should I Soak In My Hot Tub?

How often should you soak in your hot tub? That’s a great question for both current hot tub, whirlpool, jacuzzi and spa owners and those of you thinking about buying a hot tub.

When thinking about this, it is worth considering both the immediate benefits of relaxation and the longer term benefits that help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The reality is that if you aren’t regularly hopping in for a soak, you are not getting the maximum benefits from your investment.

In this blog we give you the #DailySoakChallenge and encourage you to give it a try. Stick to it and you will quickly see the benefits, both mental and physical!

Anytime spent in your Sundance hot tub is time well spent, but to get the maximum benefits from it, we encourage you to soak for at least 20 minutes several times a week. If this fits easily into your lifestyle and your schedule, try adding another day or two. Try and fit it in just as you would your daily exercise, and soon you’ll find it becomes a habit that you love!

Take the 10 Day #DailySoakChallenge

Our challenge for you is to take the time to soak in your Sundance hot tub every day for the next 10 days.  Everyone of us is different and we all have our routines that we like to stick to, so add your daily hot tub soak to your routine at whatever time of day suites you best.

Which time of day do you prefer using your Sundance hot tub?

Early Morning - There's no better way to get yourself set for the busy day ahead than 20 minutes in your Sundance Spa. Get your blood flowing and your mind focussed by soaking in your hot tub before breakfast.

After Work - Soaking in your Sundance Hot Tub after a stressful day can refresh your mind and rejuvinate your body so that you can enjoy the evening ahead free of stress, aches and pains.

Before Bed - Immersing yourself in the clean, clear water of your Sundance hot tub is a wonderful, all natural way to tell your body it’s time to sleep. Your thoughts, emotions, and muscles will all wind down for a sound, restful night's sleep. Click here for more on how a soak can help you sleep better.  

Keep a daily log of how you feel each day so you can keep track of how you feel both mentally and physically. You’ll start to see the added benefits of a daily soak.

We bet you’ll like it so much that you’ll keep right on soaking past the 10 day mark!

What Do I Have To Gain?

That's a great question, and the answer is... a lot!

For most of our Sundance hot tub owners who try the 10-day daily soak challenge, they find that if they miss a day or two, they just don’t feel as good.

When you soak in a Sundance hot tub, you immediately relax physically and mentally. If you up the ante and soak every day, here are some potential benefits:

  • Improved Respiratory health.
  • Lasting relief from Anxiety & Stress.
  • Ongoing muscle & joint Pain relief.
  • Relief from the pain from Fibromyalgia or Arthritis.
  • Healthy feet from Reflexology jets for foot therapy.
  • Enhanced mobility.
  • Less joint inflammation.
  • Lower Blood Pressure.
  • Relief from Migraine Headaches.
  • Better Sleep.

You really do have nothing to lose. Incorporate a daily soak for just 10 days and see how your wellness increases each day. You certainly won't regret it!

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