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Enjoy a Staycation in Your Sundance Hot Tub!

Thinking of planning a winter vacation? Why not beat the traffic, avoid the hassle of airports and invest your hard earned money into something that you will enjoy the benefits of for many years to come? Enjoy a Year - Round Staycation by installing a Sundance Hot Tub in your backyard!

The Winter blues are something many of us can relate to, even during a mild winter like this one. We long for Sunshine and warmth and we can miss being outside enjoying the fresh air. A week away at a warm resort sounds great, but after we get home it’s back to business as usual. With a Sundance Hot Tub in your backyard you can beat the blues all winter long and look forward to enjoying your own private oasis in the summer months to come – Rest, Relaxation & Recreation all just steps away from your back door!

Decreased exposure to Sunlight in the winter months can have a negative impact on our moods, sleep patterns and hormones. Using your Sundance Hot Tub on a Winter’s day increases your exposure to natural light and allows you to enjoy the benefits of Chromotherapy (Colour Therapy) with your Hot Tub’s Multi-Colour LED lighting.

“Two of the happiest, most energizing colours are yellow, and green with a slight yellow undertone; they remind us of the sun” (Leatrice Eisman, Executive Director of the Pentone Colour Institute). Both of these tones are available on Sundance Hot Tubs, including the illuminated waterfalls, which also provide the relaxing sound of running water.

A Sundance Hot Tub’s warm water, Patented Hydrotherapy jets, LED Lighting Systems and Cascading Waterfalls all work together to brighten your mood, invigorate your senses, and loosen your muscles.

Now you can add to the ambience with the perfect playlist on the Sundance BlueWave Bluetooth Spa Stereo System. There is nothing quite like hearing one of your favourite songs to kick start your day! Maybe there is a song that reminds you of a special person or memory, maybe you want to play something mellow to help you relax, or maybe it’s time to blast your top party tunes! Whatever mood you are trying to create; you can easily stream your choice of music to the BlueWave Hot Tub Sound System.

One of the best aspects of any vacation is getting to spend real quality time with those we love. The busyness of life makes it harder to stay connected and keep up with all that is going on with those around us.

Time away from monotonous routines and overbearing technology (TV's, Cell Phones, Computer Screens, Tablets) gives us the opportunity to re-connect with family and friends. With a regular Staycation in your Sundance Hot Tub you will enrich your relationships with friends & family, while carving out some daily quality time to chat, laugh, and make exciting plans for the future!

For more information on Sundance Hot Tubs come in to any one of our four locations and we will be glad to help you!

Burlington – 2000 Appleby Line. Tel: 905-315-7800

Oakville – 380 Dundas Street. Tel: 905-257-5006

Mississauga – 5985 Rodeo Drive. Tel: 905-890-6200

St. Catharines – 310 Bunting Road. Tel: 905-682-7997

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