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Apollo Global Management & The History of Sundance Spas- Part 2

In last weeks blog, we talked about the history of Sundance Spas from their early days based in a garage in California to becoming the largest hot tub manufacturer in the world.

Now owned by The Apollo Management Group (who's hot tub division also includes Hydropool, ThermoSpas, jacuzzi & Dimension One) Sundance Spas has been an industry leader since 1979. This week we want to highlight some of the many innovations and industry firsts that Sundance have rolled out over the years, as they continue to develop the lastest and greatest in hot tub technology. Sundance owners can enjoy a wonderfully relaxing hydrotherapy massage, with the minimum amount of time and effort spent on maintenance.

Innovations & *Industry Firsts* by Sundance Spas (* = Industry First)

In 1980, *Sundance® Spas was the first hot tub manufacturer to incorporate recessed jets*

In 1984, Sundance Spas became the first hot tub, spa or jacuzzi manufacturer to use the *Application of electronic technology to spa control systems*

In 1985, Sundance Spas designed the First *whirlpool therapy jet*

In 1986, Sundance Spas had 4, yes 4, industry firsts;

  • *Recessed, molded pillows* 
  • *Built-in Brominator*
  • *Replacement of air channel system with Silent Air® Injection System*
  • *Wide-mouth SlipStream skimmer with 20" floating weir gate*

In 1987, Sundance Spas added *Built-in assist bars*

In 1988, Sundance Spas had 2 industry firsts; 

  • The development of the *Rigid Bond shell construction*
  • *U.L. - listed ozone system for underskirt installation*

In 1989, Sundance Spas innovated the use of *Direct Pressure System technology*

In 1991, The now legendary customer favorite Accu-Ssage Therapy Seat was added to all Sundance models.

In 1992, Sundance Spas had 2 hot tub industry firsts;

  • *Four-jet vertical jet system*
  • *Built-in SunScents aromatherapy dispensing system*
  • Also in 1992, Consumers Digest awarded their "Best Buy" designation to the Sundance 880 Series Cameo.

In 1993, *Electronic, topside pH and ORP monitoring system*

In 1994, *Exclusive PermaClear water clensing system*

In 1995, *Exclusive Intelli-Jet variable/adjustable hydro jet*

In 1996, *First spa manufacturer to receive ISO 9001 certification*

In 1997, Distribution in more than 60 countries.

In 1998, Another Consumers Digest "Best Buy" award goes to the Sundance Spas Optima.

In 1999, *Introduction of exercise spa and SunSport aquatic exercise system and ISO-Pure Water Management System*

In 2000, Sundance Spas introduced;

  • SunZone® CD ozone system.
  • *Sentry Smart Heater with titanium coil*

In 2001, Sundance® Spas had 2 industry firsts;

  • *Accu-Ssage Therapy Seat with patented Fluidix ST Jets*
  • *Two-part, color-coordinated ComforTone headrests*

In 2002, Sundance® Spas added the following to their range of spas;

  • *MicroClean® water filtration*
  • SunStrong® synthetic cabinetry.
  • SunZone® mixing chamber.

In 2003, Sundance® Spas added 2 new industry firsts & won another Consumers Digest Best Buy Award;

  • *Fluidix Intelli-Jet, the exclusive, patented jet which adjusts to provide steady or pulsating stream using bearingless technology* were used for the first time.
  • *Sundance® Spas became the first and only spa/hot tub/jacuzzi manufacturer to receive an award from the Water Quality Association for spa water filtration*
  • Consumers Digest awarded their "Best Buy" award to the Sundance Solo hot tub

In 2004, Sundance® Spas added 2 new industry firsts;

  • *Vortex Jets, the latest innovation in jet technology, developed and designed by Sundance, utilizes no movings parts and offers a unique rifling massage*
  • *SunSound SNC Stereo and Remote Exclusive Spa Noise Compensation (SNC) feature are developed to automatically adjusts stereo volume based on hot tub pump settings*

In 2005, Sundance Spas added the following innovations & industry first;

  • Dynamic Flow Circulation Pump, which moves seven times more water per minute than typical hot tub systems, at virtually the same energy costs.
  • *MicroClean® II water filtration*
  • AquaTerrace Waterfall

In 2006, Sundance Spas added 2 new innovations and won a Consumer Digest Best Buy award;

  • Fluidix Reflex Jet, the Next-generation design in the patented Fluidix Jet series are released.
  • SMT Fluidix Jets introduces Fluidix Jets to the 780 Series for the first time.
  • The 880 Series Cameo once again receives the Consumers Digest "Best Buy" award.

In 2007, Sundance® Spas added 2 new innovations and added 2 new industry firsts;

  • *A Docking Station Made for Apple iPod® and Auxiliary MP3 Jack Standard with SunSound Stereo option*
  • External LED Accent Lights Fit on the hot tub cabinet corners. (optional)
  • *MicroClean® Plus Water Filtration*
  • Fluidix Nex Jets - Pulsing neck jets that use no moving parts added to 880 Series hot tubs.

In 2008, Sundance® Spas added 2 new innovations;

  • Sundance Spas adds a TerraStone option, a cabinet that looks like real stacked stone.
  • A synthetic base which is impervious to water and moisture is developed.

​In 2009, Sundance® Spas added one new industry first;

  • *JBL designed a stereo system exclusively for Sundance Spas*

In 2011, Sundance® Spas added one new industry first;

In 2012, Sundance® Spas added;

  • Sundance Spas made a huge breakthrough in water purification technology with the introduction of the *ClearRay UV-C Water Purifcation System*. ClearRay® proved to be so successful at keeping hot tub water clean and clear, that it is included as standard on all Sundance Spas models.
  • *Hybrid Focus Relief jets*  to the 880 Series hot tubs.
  • An exclusive Status Indicator Light.

 In 2013, Sundance® Spas added;

  •  The BlueWave® Spa Stereo System with Bluetooth audio.

In 2014, Sundance® Spas added;

  • The Exclusive SunSmart® WiFi Kit with app was introduced.

In 2015, Sundance® Spas added;

  • SunStrong® Fabric covers were added as an option, giving customers an alternative to the traditional vinyl hot tub cover.

In 2016, Sundance® Spas added;

  •  *The luxury 980 Series hot tub *

  • Glass Touch Control Panels are also launched.

In 2017, Sundance Spas added;

  • ClearRay® Pro-Tect Automatic Oxidizer is released as a factory installed option to work together with the standard ClearRay® UV-C System to make water care even easier.

​In 2018, Sundance Spas added;

  • *SmartTub System - Exclusive Cellular Technology replaces unreliable and outdated WiFi technology*
  • Sunstrong Synthetic Cabinet in White Oak.

​In 2018 Sundance Spas also launced the new 880 Series Cambria, an open seat option in the same size as the Marin. The 880 Series Marin was also given a complete makeover to modernize this popular, compact model.

For more information on Sundance® Spas, and to experience the latest and greatest in hot tub technology first hand, please visit any of our 5 locations (Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville, St. Catharines & Vaughan). We look forward to showing you the variety of hot tubs that Sundance Spas offers, and helping you to find the model that is just right for you and your family!