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Patented Fluidix Jets - Superior Hydrotherapy

Your relaxation truly begins when you turn on our Fluidix® jets and surrender to superior, personalized hydrotherapy. Positioned to reach the pressure points used in reflexology and acupressure, the powerful jets in a Sundance Hot Tub are sure to ease your tension and stress.

The Fluidix Difference

From subtly calming to intensely penetrating, every jet in a Sundance hot tub is uniquely designed to simulate a specific massage sensation using the ideal combination of air and water. Thanks to our exclusive jet technology, you control the massage- so you can step into your backyard oasis and create your own personalized hydrotherapy session with your Sundance Hot Tub's Fluidix jets.

Even those who don’t know the difference between Swedish massage and Shiatsu will appreciate Sundance Hot Tubs wide variety of massage combinations. Some jet streams feel like delicate fingers massaging soft tissues; others act more like strong hands deeply kneading large muscles. Additional jets mimic the rapid, stimulating techniques of Eastern massage therapies. Fluidix jets are featured in all Select, 780, 880 & 980 Series Sundance Hot Tubs.

For a detailed look at each different style of Fluidix jets available, read these blogs: 780 Series Jets, 880 Series Jets. For information on our traditional jet selection, read 680 Series Jets.

Patented Fluidix Jet Technology

Sundance Hot Tubs patented Fluidix jet technology employs natural principles of fluid dynamics, which cause the jet stream to oscillate without the use of bearings or internal moving parts that can wear out.

Fluidix jets will continue to provide robust, customized massage action, even after years of use, because no moving parts equals less wear and tear. Offering 10 different varieties of massage and backed by the longest jet warranty in the industry (5 years), Fludix jets are a true breakthrough in hot tub jet technology.

Fluidix Intelli-Jet

A true game changer in the hot tub industry, the Fluidix Intelli-Jet redifines hot tub hydrotherapy. 

With 4 different ways to adjust them, the Fluidix Intelli-Jets are without doubt the most versatile Hot Tub Jet in the industry. The unique handle in the face design of this large Fluidix jet allows for easy adjustment from a deep tissue massage to a wave-like oscillating stream for a lighter massage.

Turn the outer rim of the Intelli-jet to adjust the water flow level. Turn the inside of the jet to adjust the massage style. Divert water from one seat to another to adjust jet power and add air to the water from individual air controls for a more intense massage - that's 4 different ways to adjust these remarkable, patented Hot Tub Jets.

It’s time for you to discover why Sundance Hot Tubs earn international awards, honors and certifications. They deliver a Hot Tub experience unlike any other, and it all starts with their patented Fluidix jets.

We have a 780, 880 or 980 Series Hot Tub filled and running in each of our stores, and we invite you to come in and experience the remarkable Fluidix jets for yourself!

Our stores are located in BurlingtonMississaugaOakvilleSt. Catharines & Vaughan, and from these locations we deliver and service Sundance Hot Tubs in cities such as Toronto, Markham, Brampton, Aurora, Milton, Georgetown, Barrie, Port Credit, Welland, Richmond Hill, Caledon, Etobicoke, Orangeville, Pickering & Niagara Falls.