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Celebrate The New Year in your Sundance Hot Tub!

New Year’s Eve is just a few days away! If you’re wondering about what to do to celebrate, how about having some friends and family over for a Sundance Hot Tub Party?

There is no better time for a soak in your Sundance Hot Tub than New Year’s Eve. Ring in the new year with a midnight dip in the warm water of your Sundance Hot Tub.

If you decide on inviting some people over for a party, you may want to come in to one of our 4 stores (Burlington, Mississauga, OakvilleSt. Catharinesfor some great accessories to add to the party atmosphere!

The Spa Caddy attaches to your hot tubs synthetic cabinet and provides a place to keep some snacks, and hold a few of your favorite beverages. Another item very popular at this time of year is our Waterproof Playing Cards - they will make your new year's poker game way more interesting!

Winter Hot Tub use is awesome! Here are a few tips for having a great Sundance Hot Tub experience in the colder months.

  • Keep your towels warm by putting them in the dryer, then carrying them out to your Hot Tub in a cooler. A warm towel will keep you nice and toasty after you have enjoyed a relaxing soak! (We also carry some very warm, comfy, soft Sundance robes to keep you warm as you enter and exit your Sundance hot tub)

  • Increase your Hot Tubs water temperature. The Colder the air temperature, The warmer the water should be! Keeping your Sundance Hot Tub at the temperature you like is your best option, Rather than reducing it and trying to heat it back up again, Which is a lot less energy efficient, and can result in your water not being warm enough for you when you are ready to jump in.

  • After having a lot of people use the spa, we recommend adding some Chlorine Free Spa Shock to your Hot Tubs water, To keep it clean & to make sure it is ready for your next Hot Tub party.

  • Add some Ultra-Spa to your water weekly. This will help keep your water looking clean & Clear, as well as making it feel silky soft. Ultra-Spa also gives your Hot Tubs water a nice blue hue to remind you of the ocean!

  • Make the most of your Sundance Hot Tubs Micro-Clean Filtration & ClearRay Water Purification System. If you are going to be using the Hot Tub more often over the holidays, Increase your Hot Tubs Filtration Cycle to ensure your water stays at its best.

‚ÄčAll of us here at The Sundance Spa Store wish you all a safe, happy and prosperous new year.

Check back with us over the next couple of weeks for some exciting news for 2018!

Holiday Hours:

Sunday, Dec 31st: 11.00 AM - 2.00 PM

Monday, January 1st: CLOSED

The Sundance Spa Store Team.